Siri on HomePod should work with iTunes Match, not only Apple Music

For a product that Apple started holding orders for on Friday, we still don’t know most about a HomePod. And, in a run-up to a Feb 9th release, people are still reckoning out accurately what it’s means of.

Apple’s website suggests that a Siri-powered voice control functionality usually works with Apple Music, for instance — it states “Siri works with Apple Music. Subscription compulsory for Apple Music.” But what about if we use iCloud Music Library by iTunes Match, a digital song storage and playback complement that Apple Music mostly superseded?

An exhaustive relapse from iMore suggested that, for some reason, iTunes Match-only users wouldn’t be means to plead playback requests with Siri for their song stored in iCloud. However, iMore’s Serenity Caldwell later followed up to explain that iTunes Match will be lonesome as well, and Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has also heard that a HomePod works this way.

The HomePod acts as a unchanging AirPlay orator as well, of course, so we can lamp calm to it from any AirPlay-enabled app on your phone. You competence even cite this to Siri. (I substantially will.)

But Apple has been scarcely still about a HomePod so far, and people who sequence a orator currently aren’t utterly certain what they’re going to be getting. We’re looking brazen to receiving a device and anticipating out for ourselves, afterwards — stay tuned.

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