Six Months With Apple’s HomePod Almost Convinced Me It Was Good

I didn’t know a Apple HomePod, when it launched 6 months ago. Sure, we got a business reasons behind Apple’s intelligent orator (everyone’s got to have a intelligent orator it seems), though a HomePod struck me as too foolish and too expensive. It usually seemed like Apple’s uncanny try during display Amazon and Google that it could make speakers too. After spending a final few months with a HomePod some things have turn utterly clear. This thing is still impossibly overpriced, and AirPlay is so good it roughly creates a HomePod value it.

AirPlay has never struck me as a useful home audio solution. we could play song over a orator or over my AppleTV, though we couldn’t do both during once. With a launch of AirPlay 2 behind in May, however, Apple authorised a HomePod and other AirPlay inclination to duty some-more like a Sonos system. You can span mixed speakers together and tide a accurate same thing—whether it be audio from your laptop or song from Spotify—to each AirPlay device.


The activation light is undoubtedly good looking.
Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

What AirPlay 2 can do is impressive, and it creates a HomePod some-more useful. Now, we can span a HomePod adult with other speakers, including existent Sonos systems, and emanate a multi-room audio oasis. The HomePod also has decent, if not great, audio. It lacks a fact and midrange that I’d cite for exemplary music, though a Apple intelligent orator plays things like Janelle Monae’s “Make Me Feel” with a bass-heavy vigour that we love. The HomePod can do things that other AirPlay speakers can’t, like hoop phone calls with my mom or margin questions we ask Siri.

And for an Airplay speaker, a HomePod exists during a singular cost point. Before a HomePod, speakers that upheld AirPlay fell into dual categories: speakers so inexpensive that they’re meaningless and speakers so costly that they’re pointless. At $350, a HomePod settles into a center belligerent price-wise, nonetheless we could disagree that it sounds like a some-more costly speaker.


But few of additional features, feel practical. The microphones on a HomePod competence be means to hear me fuss Siri—or other Siri sounding works, like critical and Peri—but I’m told we sound terrible on phone calls. Worse than possibly my inexpensive earbuds, or my Apple Watch (my mom declared, before a HomePod, that a Watch had a misfortune microphone of anything I’ve called her on). And we can usually brazen calls to a HomePod, we can’t indeed scream out a enterprise to phone a friend—the HomePod doesn’t support creation calls. It can usually accept them.

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

But Siri is even some-more repulsive than a unsuitable phone call handling. She’s usually not… smart? She can hoop a many simple requests of a digital assistant, like revelation me a time, weather, and common dimensions equivalencies, though determining a many Hue lights in my home is such a vapid event that it’s easier to lift out my phone and use a Hue app. And song control is unfortunately intensely limited. As someone who doesn’t allow to Apple Music and has no devise to subscribe, a HomePod’s many useful voice control facilities (handling song navigation) are roughly totally absent. Yes, we can play Google Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify on a HomePod, though they all need AirPlay and an app.


Which becomes reduction appealing when AirPlay starts to skip and cut out, as it has finished a few time in a final few months. So because should we go all in on AirPlay and a HomePod instead of regulating the Sonos One we already own? The Sonos One has Alexa built in, and Google Assistant is betrothed to come shortly. It easily handles song over wifi vida a Sonos app. Plus, as of Jul 2018, a Sonos One supports AirPlay 2. It can’t hoop phone calls, though a Sonos One can do scarcely all else a HomePod can do for $150 less. It even has a richer and some-more minute sound quality!

So yeah, a HomePod is gorgeous, and AirPlay is mostly times fantastic, and Siri seems like… a thing that competence turn a useful thing one day. But a HomePod is still not value a price—especially, when a Sonos One is so good and so cheap.

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