Smackdown: Office 365 vs. G Suite productivity

Google has been perplexing for years to get businesses to desert Microsoft Office in preference of what it now calls G Suite, a collaboration-oriented contingent of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and messenger apps Gmail and Drive. Microsoft has prolonged been a capability standard-bearer, with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, supplemented by Outlook and many recently OneDrive.

G Suite promises a unequivocally low cost for businesses, accessibility anywhere around web browsers, and of march a standard-setting partnership tools. But can we unequivocally bottom your business on G Suite? We motionless to find out by a array of comparisons. This one focuses on a capability collection that form a core of a Office and G Suite, um, suites.

One large change that G Suite presaged was a multiplatform work world. Google relies mostly on web browsers to broach that experience, yet it uses local apps in iOS and Android mobile devices. By contrast, Microsoft has focused on a local apps, recently fluctuating them to iOS and Android; however, it also offers browser versions with singular capabilities.

Due to those opposite mixes, G Suite is most easier than Office 365 to muster and navigate. But as a outcome of a web orientation, G Suite is also a most reduction able set of collection than Office 365 is. For many organizations peaceful to leave Office behind, a doubt is either they can rest on a capability subset that G Suite offers. To assistance we make your decision, we’ve put together tables on a following pages that uncover that suites support that pivotal facilities on that platforms. (We’ve released table-stakes facilities they all support, like cut and pulp and content formatting.) 

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