SNES Classic hits 2 million sales, prolongation will continue

That’s a lot of people personification Super Punch-Out!!

New total from Nintendo uncover that a most sought-after SNES Classic sole dual million units worldwide so far. Nintendo skeleton to continue shipping a complement “moving forward.”

In a matter done by Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima pronounced that Nintendo were anticipating a SNES Classic would get gamers of yesterday behind into a hobby, heading to them looking during purchasing Nintendo’s other products, such as a Switch.

In a same mercantile report, Kimishima also reiterated Nintendo’s devise to re-manufacture a NES Classic in 2018. The console, that sole 2.3 million tellurian units and was notoriously formidable to get reason of, is approaching to lapse to store shelves in a Summer.

Six Months Financial Briefing [Nintendo]

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