SNES Classic Mini UPDATE – Fake versions of NES Classic Mini being sold

The , a prototype to a SNES Classic Mini, was expelled final year and was a outrageous success – offered out fast opposite a world.

Whenever restocks were sent to retailers they were fast snapped up, and units could be seen offered on eBay for QUADRUPLE a seeking price.

Nintendo eventually dropped a console this year, with singular restocks being sent to some retailers in Apr and May.

Units have not been seen given afterwards – until in a past few days when import website AliExpress started inventory NES Classic Mini units.

However, a user on NeoGAF who got reason of one of those units has claimed they are in fact FAKE consoles.

On initial glance, a console looks genuine with central looking wrapping and a section looking roughly matching to a genuine NES Classic Mini.

However, a NeoGAF user went into fact about because they felt a console was a fake.

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