Snow Day eventuality during Bethesda

Bethesda - Judie Birk

Bethesda – Judie Birk

An educational experience

Judie Birk helps youngsters pattern their possess singular ice candle creations.

Bethesda - Pastor James Muske

Bethesda – Pastor James Muske

World famous prohibited chocolate

Pastor James Muske’s cooks adult a collection of his famous prohibited chocolate.

Bethesda - George and Patti Smith

Bethesda – George and Patti Smith

Resident snowman

George and Patti Smith postponement to take a print eventuality with a proprietor snowman.

Posted: Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 6:00 am

Snow Day eventuality during Bethesda


Bethesda Lutheran Church of Malmo kicked off a Centennial Year festivities with a bang, hosting a initial ever Snow Day event. Young people and people immature during heart collected on Jan. 20 for winter fun and merriment both indoors and out. In a brotherhood hall, folks crafted ice candles and competed in Jenga, Bananagrams and several label games while outdoor audacious souls of all ages strapped on snowshoes to try a wooded inlet trail. The afternoon activities were giveaway to a open including a dish of chili, cornbread, desserts and Pastor James Muske’s famous prohibited chocolate.

Malmo Bethesda invites everybody to attend their centennial celebration after this summer as good as all their monthly doings. Next adult on Feb. 16, a Malmo Lions will reason a Sweetheart Dinner and Dance during a church. There will be a assign for this eventuality with all deduction going to a Malmo Lions.

Bethesda of Malmo loves to acquire visitors and invites we to come assistance them demeanour behind on 100 years of God’s work and vital out their celebratory centennial motto, ‘Rejoice Always!’

For some-more information, go to or call (320) 684-2123.

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Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 6:00 am.

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