Some Pixel 2 XL inclination are still unusably slow, and we have no thought why

A few weeks ago, a integrate of hardcore Android users complained about their new issues with a Pixel 2 XL, describing a laggy practice that we don’t routinely associate with high-end phones, generally Pixels. Those reports held Google’s eye, and a association has been questioning a matter, observant that it’s not a widespread issue. However, Artem Russakovskii, who got Google to inspect his delayed Pixel 2 XL, now says his three-weeks-old replacements behaves similarly.

“Sorry to report: 3 weeks or so with a code new Pixel 2 XL, and it’s already a laggy disaster that needs daily restarts,” a Android Police owner tweeted a few hours ago. “So NAND is not a issue, and conjunction is storage being tighten to full (it’s customarily 49% full).”

“Google, a round is in your justice – it’s clearly program issues,” he said.

Before that, Russakovskii retweeted a identical censure from a opposite user, that also happens to be an Android blogger:

Ever given this started, I’ve seen copiousness of comments that shielded a Pixel 2 XL performance, and it’s really expected that a emanate isn’t widespread. After all, it’s customarily Android savvy people who buy Pixel phones, so we’d have witnessed a vast series of complaints on Twitter, Reddit, and other places, about laggy experiences.

But, as we can see above, other people do protest about a Pixel 2 XL being slower than usual. A gossip a few weeks ago pronounced that Google might reinstate some of a inadequate units, though Google is nonetheless to explain what causes lag, and what will repair it.

Hopefully, when a Pixel 3 phones launch subsequent month, they won’t be influenced by a same loiter issue.

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