Some Pixel 2 XLs arrive but Android

Imagine this scene. Your Pixel 2 XL sequence finally arrives on your doorstep and as we excitedly try to start adult your new phone, you’re greeted with an blunder message: “Can’t find current handling system. The device will not start.”

Unfortunately, this was a existence for some detrimental people who perceived their new Pixels though a Android OS.

pixel-2-xl-no-os-errorEnlarge Image

This blunder summary pops adult after powering adult a phone.


Google told CNET that a problem has now been fixed, though not before a few people on Reddit reported receiving a gone phones. Without an handling system, a inclination are radically useless. The usually thing for these people to do is to get in hold with Google’s patron support, and from there Google will safeguard that they get a operative phone.

The blank Android OS emanate might usually impact a tiny series of Pixel owners, though it joins a flourishing list of other Google hardware woes. The Pixel 2 XL is already underneath glow for screen burn-in, while other Pixel 2s have been pronounced to evacuate a high-pitched sound. Still other reports explain that buyers have received phones that have unsuccessful peculiarity control and that the Google Home Mini initially recorded living room conversations.

As Apple’s desirous iPhone X flies off store shelves, it’s a bad time for Google’s opposition Pixel 2 phones to stumble.

If you’ve run into any issues with your Pixel 2, hit Google patron support right away.


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