Sonos counters Apple’s HomePod by offered dual speakers for same $349 price

Apple’s HomePod hasn’t started shipping yet, yet Sonos is already creation moves to strengthen a order over a multi-room audio market. Today a association announced that for a singular time, you’ll be means to buy dual Sonos One intelligent speakers for $349 — a cost of a singular HomePod. Sonos isn’t naming how prolonged a promotion, that strictly kicks off tomorrow, will last. After an initial delay, a HomePod is set to launch on Feb 9th.

The Sonos One has Amazon Alexa voice formation built in, and a association has betrothed to supplement Google Assistant to a device as good someday in 2018. Users can pronounce out voice commands to play song on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and other services, yet Apple Music isn’t among them. But most like a company’s other speakers, a Sonos One entirely supports personification Apple Music calm by a Sonos app on a smartphone or PC.

Yesterday Sonos published a blog post patrician “Why Open Matters” that seemed directly forked during competing speakers from Amazon, Google, and now Apple. “Since a early days, we’ve been dubious about a sources of song and audio we can hear on Sonos, preferring to stay big and let we make a choice,” a association wrote. And indeed, Sonos allows we to confederate accounts from a far-reaching operation of song services.

But any association has during slightest some approach of gripping things “open” on their particular speakers. Google Home lets users tide song from large apps on their phone around Google Cast (or plain aged Bluetooth). The Echo also supports Bluetooth playback for services that Alexa doesn’t work with, and Apple’s AirPlay has seen far-reaching adoption among media apps. (Sonos has pronounced it skeleton to supplement AirPlay 2 support to a Sonos One, that will concede we to control it with Siri.) But a summary from Sonos is clear: a association insists it gives business some-more coherence and reduction con than what’s on offer from “big tech.”

And now it’s removing out in front of a HomePod by charity dual Sonos One speakers for $350. That gives new business an evident trail into multiroom audio right away, since Apple has usually pronounced a HomePod will do multiroom “later this year.” Does a HomePod outperform a singular Sonos One? It’s really possible. But remember that we can stereo span a dual speakers you’d be removing here, and that comparison competence not work out so good for Apple.

Last year, Apple began offered Sonos speakers during a sell stores. So far, a Sonos One hasn’t been enclosed in that partnership.

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