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Sony’s new connected speaker, a LF-S50G, looks a lot like Apple’s HomePod. It works like a HomePod, too, solely it relies on Google Assistant and not Siri. Sony compares a product to a Google Home and says it stands out in a home orator marketplace since of a sound quality, that make clarity for Sony to say.

The device facilities a full-range orator for outspoken and three-way notes, a subwoofer for bass, and an omnidirectional two-stage diffuser to widespread sound opposite a room. It can span over Bluetooth, NFC, or Wi-Fi, and supports multi-room audio controls. It’s also splash-proof and is accessible in white or black.

Unlike a Google Home, Sony’s orator recognizes gesticulate controls to play music, skip tracks, or adjust a volume. we theory gesticulate controls make for a good choice if we don’t feel like cheering to your orator during a party. The LF-S50G will be out in Oct for $199.99.

Multiple other Google Assistant-equipped speakers already debuted during IFA this year. Google released a partner SDK in May to orator manufacturers and followed adult yesterday to announce 3 third-party devices. Anker’s new Zolo Mojo will usually cost $70 and expected won’t furnish a best audio peculiarity available. Panasonic is also ostensible to announced a GA10 speaker, though sum are meagre as of publishing.

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