Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Google Pixel 2 XL: a weigh-in

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 is positively sharpened to be one of a best Android phones around, and it’ll have to get by a Pixel 2 XL to get nearby a tip of a list.

We design that a XZ2 will be a flattering good handset, though our hands-on didn’t leave us meditative that it’s going to be a world-beater. It could have a small some-more horsepower, though we’d be astounded if a XZ2 can unequivocally take down a Pixel 2 XL on camera quality, and it seems like a step down on a shade as well.

Price will play a large role, and as of this writing, we don’t know how most Sony skeleton to assign for a Xperia XZ2. The XZ1 came in during £599, though with flagship phone prices creeping usually upward, we woudn’t be astounded to see a somewhat aloft seeking cost for a sequel.

Meanwhile, a Pixel 2 XL isn’t inexpensive during £799, though it’s good value a money for critical on-the-go shooters and anyone else longing a top-of-the-line Android experience. We already know it’s an glorious handset, while a Xperia XZ2 stays a less-known apportion on a whole.

Given that, a Pixel 2 XL has a initial curtsy in this battle, though we’ll refurbish a comparison once we’ve had a possibility to put Sony’s latest by a full examination gauntlet.

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