Sony’s new SRS-XB501G is like a unstable Apple HomePod that’s …

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The Sony SRS-XB501G ships in Oct for $300.

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Earlier this year Sony put out a voice-enabled Wi-Fi speaker, a LF-S50G, that looked identical to Apple’s HomePod though didn’t sound all that good and hasn’t done most sound in a audio market. But Sony’s new SRS-XB501G, due out in Oct for $300, seems to be a lot some-more earnest product.

I got possibility to see and hear it in allege of a launch during a IFA trade uncover in Berlin and was tender by a pattern and a sound. It’s both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth orator and has Google Assistant built in so we can emanate voice commands. In some sense, it’s like a some-more absolute UE Blast or Megablast, or a JBL Link 10 or Link 20. Those are all unstable voice-enabled speakers.


“The XB501G is engineered to broach absolute sound from satellite orator units and subwoofer units that strengthen a sound pressure,” Sony said, “while a crafty dull form helps minimize vibrations and decreases sound interferences, too. The Digital Signal Processor entirely utilizes a Extra Bass record and produces bassy, absolute sound.”

The SRS-XB501G is partial of Sony’s line of Extra Bass speakers, though from what we heard, a orator isn’t boomy and has decent clarification (it has 3 drivers). we listened it both plugged in — it comes with an AC adapter — and on battery power, and Sony reps told me a orator sounds a same in both modes. You can get adult 16 hours of playback from a rechargeable battery.

Weighing around 6 pounds, it’s got some heft to it, though it’s not so complicated that it’s unequivocally unwieldy to lift around — and there is a built-in hoop that creates it easy to transport. There’s also a USB-C pier for charging your inclination on a go.

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Mounted on a tripod.

David Carnoy/CNET

Like a lot of Sony’s other unstable speakers of late, this one puts on a light show. we like how Sony versed a orator with a threaded tripod mountain so we can make orator stands out of inexpensive tripods. One SRS-XB501G should fill a tiny to medium-size room with sound, though if we wish to cover a incomparable area — and unequivocally use these to energy a dance celebration — we can couple mixed units.

I demeanour brazen to contrast a SRS-XB501G when it ships in October. While it’s a small costly during $300, from an audio, underline and pattern standpoint, it seems to compare adult good opposite other wireless speakers in a $250-$300 range.  

Key features

  • Splash-resistant and dustproof IP65 design.
  • Multicolored line light, orator lights and flashing strobe.
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life.
  • Built-in Google Assistant listens to your commands and controls all of your intelligent devices.
  • Connect and tide song around Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (with support for Sony’s LDAC streaming).
  • Customize and control from your smartphone with Sony Music Center.
  • Built-in hoop and tripod mount.
  • USB-C pier for charging unstable inclination (and a unit).
  • Price: $300 (no word nonetheless on general pricing though we’ll supplement it as shortly as we get it).
  • Available in October.


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