Sony’s Speaker Looks Like HomePod, Works Like Google Home …

Every intelligent orator has a advantages. With Amazon Echo, we get entrance to tens of thousands of “skills,” a mini-apps that start a diversion of Jeopardy or assistance we brew a cocktail. With Google Home, we have a full energy of Google hunt during your beck and call. And when Apple’s HomePod comes out after this year, it’ll be by distant a best-sounding voice-enabled orator of a bunch.

Sony doesn’t have a voice assistant, though knows a approach around a speaker. At a IFA trade uncover in Berlin, Sony announced a orator that cribs a best from an Echo, Home, and HomePod, all rolled into one terribly-named device. The new LF-S50G speaker, that looks like a HomePod, presumably sounds usually as good, and comes with Google Assistant built-in. It ships in October, for $199, in black and white.

The LF-S50G (really rolls off a tongue, doesn’t it?) is a cylinder wrapped in mesh, above a steel base. It pumps sound in all directions, with a two-way orator complement identical to a HomePod. Sony says it has copiousness of energy to fill “the normal room” with sound. Whatever that means, it’ll certainly sound improved than a partially trifling Echo or Home. It pairs to your song device around Bluetooth or NFC, or we can usually bond it to Wi-Fi and shout: “OK Google, play Despacito” to get a jams bumping. If your mouth and hands are both full, we can call over a tip of a orator to start, skip, or spin adult a music. It even has a clock!

Since it’s a Google Assistant-supported speaker, a LF-S50G can do anything a Google Home can. It’ll work for timers, Google searches, your calendar, determining your intelligent home, and more. It’s odd, really, that there aren’t some-more speakers like this already. Millions of people possess Echos and Homes, and “it’s like that, usually better” seems like a flattering good offered point. That’s apparently what Sonos and Apple are banking on, and Sony might have usually beaten them to a punch.

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