Spigen Liquid Crystal Pixel 2 Case review: Clearly a good option

Going transparent has an nauseous side

Spigen Liquid Crystal Pixel 2 Case What we don’t like

All of that’s excellent and fine when we put a box on, though if we confirm to take it off, be prepared for a challenge.

Putting a Liquid Crystal Case on a Pixel 2 is a breeze, though holding it off requires we to start pulling during only a right angle and afterwards behaving an collection of finger gymnastics to examine it off though doing any arrange of damage.

The reason this is so formidable expected has to do with a acerbity we mentioned above, and while that’s good for combined protection, isn’t ideal if we ever find yourself is a unfolding where we need to fast take a box off.

Also, during slightest with my Clearly White Pixel 2, I’ve found that it can be a pain to get each final square of hair and dirt off a behind of a phone and inside of a box to make certain I’m not showcasing a raise of gunk everywhere we go.

This isn’t unequivocally a hit opposite Spigen’s box privately as each transparent box has this issue, though it’s still something to keep in mind.

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