Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone box for Pixel 2 XL review: Blue beauty

Distinctive and protective

Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone for Pixel 2 XL What we like

I don’t know because Google doesn’t offer a Pixel 2 XL in Kinda Blue, though this box lets me have both a incomparable shade distance and a overwhelming blue color. It also protects my phone, that is flattering critical when phones are so costly these days. we customarily don’t like regulating cases full time, usually putting them on when we go to a gym or conduct out for a job. But something about a tone and a settlement of this box creates me wish to have it on all a time — that is, admittedly, a double-edged sword.

The settlement stands out from a crowd, generally in a blue color. The gunmetal tone choice is a bit some-more subdued, though possibly two-tone choice should make it easy to mark your phone from opposite a room. we can’t remember saying anyone else with this box given I’ve owned it, that would be accessible if we left your phone somewhere by mistake. The Herringbone settlement also creates it easy to hold a behind side of a phone.

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