Spigen Pixel 2 Slim Armor Wallet Case review: A good choice to normal wallet cases

Good use of space

Spigen Pixel 2 Slim Armor Wallet Case What we like

Even if a execution of a finer sum might not be a best (more on that later), we adore what Spigen’s going for with this case.

At initial glance, it looks like any unchanging imperishable case. The initial territory of a dual-layer pattern is done adult of a shock-absorbent TPU element that your Pixel 2 is encased in. This covering hugs a Pixel 2 like a glove and allows for Spigen’s glorious Air Cushion Technology to strengthen opposite nasty drops.

This form cause is my favorite resolution for wallet cases.

Along with that, there’s another tough cosmetic covering over this that offers even some-more insurance and houses a wallet apportionment of a case.

From a continuance standpoint, Spigen did a good pursuit with this one. All of a phone is enclosed in limit protection, there’s a mouth that comes over a arrangement to ensure opposite scratches, and a imperishable cutouts for a energy and volume buttons feel fantastic.

When it comes time to lift out your card, simply slip a behind apportionment of a box down and you’ve got easy entrance to all your plastic. There’s a rubber bottom to keep your cards protected while being stowed divided and pulling them out of a box is most easier than we was anticipating.

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