Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel 2 XL review: Protection but a bulk

Thin though protective

Spigen Rugged Armor What we like

My favorite thing about this box is how most it protects a device. Spigen’s Rugged Armor array have been my go-to cases for a integrate years now, since it covers a whole device — reduction a shade — though being too bulky. I’ll acknowledge we don’t typically use cases 24/7, usually an hour or so a day in a gym or when I’m running. But I’ll put a box on my phone if I’m roving anywhere, and we had no issues with a bulk of a Rugged Armor cases.

The pattern is plain, though it works. It’s only a plain square of rubber, and it does a good pursuit during gripping a device protected. My phone was forsaken large times in airports, gyms, and on travel corners with this box on, and a phone and box are no worse for wear.

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