Spotify won’t work with Siri on Apple’s HomePod

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  • Apple’s intelligent speaker, HomePod, will go on sale in
    Dec for $349. People will use it by articulate to
  • Apple wants developers to make Siri apps for the
    HomePod, though usually in a few categories — messaging, lists,
    and notes.
  • This means that users won’t be means to tell a HomePod
    to play strain from Spotify, nonetheless Apple’s streaming service,
    Apple Music, is supported. 


speedy developer
s on Monday to make apps for HomePod,
Apple’s new intelligent orator that will go on sale before a finish of
a year. 

Because a HomePod does not have a screen, users are approaching to
correlate with it primarily by articulate to it and to Apple’s
voice assistant, Siri. 

But a third-party apps that Apple is opening a doors for on
a HomePod are sincerely singular — Apple says that usually apps
that revolve around messaging, lists, and records can
confederate with Siri on a HomePod and will use a circuitously iPhone
or iPad to routine commands. 

The miss of strain app support means that users won’t be means to
play Spotify on a HomePod a proceed it was dictated — by using
your voice to tell it to play a song. (Users also won’t be able
to sequence an Uber or Lyft by vocalization to a HomePod, or make a
call on Skype, formed on a singular app categories.) 

Apple Music users, of course, can call adult their favorite tracks
or albums by vocalization to a intelligent speaker. 

“We are always operative to have Spotify accessible opposite all
platforms, though we don’t have any serve information to share at
this time,” a Spotify deputy told Business Insider,
indicating out that users will be means to play Spotify on the
HomePod orator by regulating a AirPlay underline from an iPhone or
iPad. Users will control a strain by drumming around a Spotify
smartphone app, rather than by regulating written commands.

“Third celebration apps like Spotify would usually play strain on HomePod
regulating AirPlay 2, as we pronounced behind in June,” an Apple
deputy told Business Insider. AirPlay enables
HomePod to be used like other wireless speakers. 

When Apple initial non-stop adult Siri to third-party developers it took
a identical approach. At first, Apple singular Siri entrance to apps
usually in a few categories, such as ride-hailing and fitness,
nonetheless it stretched a series of categories progressing this

However, Siri still does not support strain apps on the
iPhone and Spotify has no Siri features. 

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