Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie 9.0 refurbish pulled, S10 units need deputy due to LTE/data issues

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Reserving a $1,000 tool before recover and removing your hands on it progressing than many of a universe – we can’t repudiate all these thrills in this adventure. In a USA, Samsung indeed gave a consumers a probability to pre-order a Galaxy S10 dual weeks before a sell availability.

While a reservation can be finished directly from Samsung, vital carriers like Sprint partnered with a Korean tech hulk to give additional deals for their customers. However, Sprint branded Galaxy S10 models are tormented with LTE/data tie issues since a inception.


The conduit attempted to correct a glitches with dual uninterrupted OTA updates. As a matter of fact, they became a initial US conduit to hurl out Mar and April confidence rags in this process.


Sprint S10 Apr OTA for regulating LTE bugs

However, a conditions hardly changed after these program updates. Although some users reportedly got behind mobile reception, though information over LTE was hardly serviceable for them.


Although LTE vigilance bars are present, users can’t bond to a internet

Before rolling out a Apr refurbish (ASD5), Sprint concurred that some Galaxy S10 units competence be over correct around program update. In that case, a users should opt for RMA.

If a device usually stays in permanent Voice and/or Data loss, updating a program will not help. There is no troubleshooting workaround to correct this.

If we have a device that is in permanent Voice/Data loss, you will need to sell a device per normal policies.

We stumbled on a series of deceptive central statements, like segregating unblushing Galaxy S10 units around a newest refurbish or a probability of another turn of bugfix OTA update. Nevertheless, Sprint has now shared another central believe bottom essay about a issue.

Noticeably, they have seconded a explain about pulling surety measures in updates:

Software chronicle ASC8 was expelled on 3/27/19 to residence this concern. It enclosed a medicine fix, that means non-impacted inclination that implement ASC8 should equivocate a bad experience.

However, a conduit has also concurred a existence of inadequate inclination that can’t be serviced by small program updates. Replacement is a usually approach out.


For those Sprint customers, who are still influenced by bad LTE coverage/roaming issues/data tie bugs after updates, a conduit is now job for a full fledged product remember expostulate to reinstate a inadequate models.

The conditions are as follows:

Pre 14 days – a Store Sales group will sell to new as store member do not have refurbsrecs to use and it’s partial of a Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG)

Post 14-day – Asurion technicians will yield replacements. If no refurbsrecons are available, afterwards a preference will default to new.

The business do not need to spend a nickel if they go by Sprint Complete service. Otherwise they can also relief paid use or hit with Samsung.

Customers with Sprint Complete (SC) will not be charged a FEE for this sell as prolonged as there is no justification of glass or earthy repairs to a handset.

Customers though SC will be assessed a $75 price or can work with Samsung for a make guaranty solution.

Readers might remember that a recently expelled Android 9.0 Pie refurbish (build DSC1) for Sprint branded Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 triggered identical LTE tie issues.

Users fast beheld a similarities between a bug reports opposite devices, though they were told that a “root means is different”.


Sprint issued a apart KB article, acknowledging a S8 LTE issues after Pie update. They also paused a sold refurbish rollout indefinitely.

Sprint and Samsung are questioning complaints that some inclination in a Galaxy S8 family are incompetent to bond to LTE following a DSC1 (Android Pie) update. For now, a program refurbish has been placed on reason and can't be downloaded. The program refurbish will be expelled once some-more when a issues with it have been corrected.

Affected inclination should still have entrance to 3G and WIFI for data. Sprint and Samsung are putting a high priority on solution this emanate though we don’t now have an approaching date of resolution.

The Galaxy and Note lineup share a common program base, so a Note 8 Pie refurbish (N950USQU5DSC1) should be pulled behind as well.

Now Sprint Community Manager Em_Will_I_Am formally asserted about crude a Galaxy Note 8 Pie update.


You dodged a bullet! The Pie refurbish once commissioned killed LTE. It has been pulled until a correct is determined.

Unsurprisingly, Sprint Support continues to console users with deceptive replies:

Don’t we consider a whole conduit contrast and acceptance thing is a joke?

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