T-Mobile rolls out support for RCS Universal Profile to Galaxy S8 and S8+

Although T-Mobile has offering a possess in-network doing of RCS messaging given 2015, it wasn’t until this summer that a conduit assimilated Sprint in deploying an inter-carrier resolution — GSMA’s Universal Profile 1.0. At a time of hurl out, though, a magenta conduit usually updated subscribers with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Now, it’s expanding by pulling a refurbish to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ along with Oct bug fixes.

As a refresher, RCS, that stands for Rich Communication Services, enhances texting on Android with things like review receipts, audio messaging, plcae sharing, and live sketching. With this update, users will also now get a ability to send files adult to 100MB and start organisation chats with adult to 100 people. T-Mobile’s still got a bit of throwing adult to do though — a many new chronicle of a RCS Universal form is 2.2, expelled May 2018.

Screen top pleasantness of u/disorientedagent on Reddit.

What’s more, it’s early days nonetheless in terms of support, and a few subscribers on Reddit and T-Mobile forums that are saying any RCS Universal Profile facilities during all are essentially saying them in communications between a name Samsung devices. Plus, MetroPCS (which runs on T-Mobile’s network) is still a usually other carrier that is means to support all RCS Universal Profile facilities in summary conversations with T-Mobile subscribers.

In response to a doubt about that messaging apps are supported, a T-Mobile deputy told Android Police that a GSMA Universal Profile 1.0 refurbish enables new facilities within a device’s local messaging app — not only Android Messages. The conduit orator also settled that it is “ready to interconnect with other wireless providers as shortly as they’re prepared to support it and interconnect with T-Mobile.”

Are we means to use concept RCS on your Samsung device by T-Mobile? Let us know in a comments.

T-Mobile reliable sum per a RCS Universal Profile update. Those sum have been combined above.

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