Teen Charged With Trying to Sell Drugs on Walt Whitman Campus

Officers news anticipating $10,000 value of pot inside car

Nicholas B. Morris

Nicholas B. Morris

Via Montgomery County Police Department

Police have charged an 18-year-old Bethesda male with perplexing to sell pot from a automobile parked outward Walt Whitman High School on Aug. 6.

Nicholas Bennett Morris’ automobile was carrying roughly $10,000 value of marijuana, $590 in money and a beef blade when military searched it, according to justice records.

Montgomery County officers went to a propagandize campus during 7100 Whittier Blvd. during about 9:30 p.m. since a tourist reported drug-dealing during a high school, a papers state. The officers pulled adult to find Morris and several other people unresolved around cars in a parking lot and told a organisation they were trespassing on a propagandize property.

Morris pronounced his driver’s permit was inside his car, and when he non-stop a door, military smelled a fragrance of pot entrance from a Ford Mustang, charging papers state. Morris also told one officer he competence “have a knife” in a car’s core console, according to a documents.

After Morris reached into a automobile and attempted to pierce something in a console, a officer arrested him, charging papers state.

A hunt of a Mustang incited adult 49 away wrapped packages of marijuana, another pound-and-a-half of marijuana, cash, several cellphones, a digital scale and a knife, a charging papers report.

Officers after searched Morris’ home on Burdette Road and found thousands of dollars in money pressed inside a shoebox, along with wrapping element identical to what was found during Whitman High School, according to a documents.

Morris was charged with possessing drugs with a vigilant to distribute, possessing drugs with a vigilant to discharge on propagandize skill and trespassing on propagandize grounds.

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