Tempered Glass Screen Protector Or Plastic Film For The Galaxy S8?

Ben Sin

A Galaxy S8 with a gradual potion shade guardian (left) and a Galaxy S8+ with a cosmetic shade protector.

Once on a time, behind when a front of smartphones were all general prosaic slabs of glass, shopping a gradual potion shade guardian was a square of cake — roughly any code would work, and worked well. The gradual potion shade guardian we got for my girlfriend’s iPhone 6 3 years ago still works and looks flawless to this day. But afterwards phone displays began creation things formidable by, well, stop being so straightforward. They began curving and branch and rambling in ways that tool screens never did before — and gradual potion shade guardian makers have had headaches ever since.

Like most smartphone trends these days, a winding shade transformation was spearheaded by a dual South Korean tech giants in 2015, when LG and Samsung expelled flagships with screens that clearly focussed a laws of physics. LG’s G4 had a pointed central bend (like a banana) while Samsung’s S6 Edge had thespian curves on both a right and left sides of a screen.

The winding inlet of both device’s screens done a jobs of gradual potion guardian companies most some-more difficult. No longer could they shake out a general square of prosaic potion that can be slapped onto any phone as prolonged as they cut a measure correctly. Companies had to make potion that also winding along with a device’s screen. And given of a supportive inlet of a winding gradual potion screen, the gradual potion guardian can no longer have glue on the whole side of a potion (that’s how prosaic shade gradual potion protectors were made). Instead, winding shade gradual potion protectors can usually have glue on a edges, withdrawal a middle, for a miss of a improved term, not sticky.

In a early days of winding phones, these “only a edges are sticky” gradual potion protectors were all terrible. The center of a shade guardian (because it has no adhesive) would not utterly hold a screen, ensuing in vital hold attraction issues. It was such a vital problem for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (released in 2015) that one Google hunt for “tempered potion Galaxy” shows dozens and dozens of thread on forums trimming from Reddit to XDA warning users not to rubbish income on them. Eventually, gradual potion companies figured out a approach to repair a hold attraction issues, and that’s by regulating a “Dot Matrix” record that was initial grown for automobile windscreens. Basically, the tiny dots assistance a shade guardian hold a arrangement to a indicate (but not hang down all a approach that would lead to easy cracking).

Ben Sin

Notice a dots on my gradual potion protector.

But regulating a dot settlement pattern formula in another problem: a “rainbow effect” (the systematic tenure is Newton rings). This is the thoughtfulness of light between dual sheets of potion (the phone’s arrangement and a gradual potion shade guardian that isn’t glued 100% onto a display), and it can be utterly distracting.

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Ben Sin

The Newton rings…

The good news is a Newton rings are mostly conspicuous when a arrangement is off (as seen in my print above), it’ll mostly go away once a shade is incited on.

A final problem with gradual potion shade protectors that usually have glue on a edges is that they have a bent to trap muck/dust/dirt. This was never a problem before on prosaic shade gradual potion protectors. The winding ones had to double down on a adhesive, as they rest exclusively on a edges to keep all in place.

Ben Sih

Look during all that muck. Yuck.

I’ll admit, a collection of mud and plod around a edges of a S8 drives me crazy — though I’m a bit of a tool posh who likes all pristine and purify (I don’t even use a box on my phones). we find that wiping down edges with some ethanol wipes will assistance matters, though it’ll never demeanour entirely purify like … a cosmetic film shade protector.

Ben Sin

No mud during all here.

I have dual Galaxy S8s, and I’ve been regulating a gradual potion shade guardian on one and a cosmetic film guardian on a other (the central Samsung version). All a flaws of a gradual potion guardian (Newton rings, trapped dust, dot matrix) do not request to a cosmetic film protector, that fits seamlessly. I’ve had a cosmetic film guardian on given day one of squeeze (it’s been over dual months now) and a fit is still mostly flawless, save for one tiny mark of atmosphere burble (but that’s totally my fault… I’ve explained in a video below).

So if you’re someone who can’t mount a dots or a dirt, a cosmetic film guardian competence be a approach to go, though a gradual potion offers a bit some-more protection, given eventually — it’s an additional square of hardened potion on top, since a cosmetic film is only a groundless square of plastic. we feel that if we were to dump a tiny stone on both phone’s screens, a device with a gradual potion guardian would humour reduction damage.

The gradual potion guardian we got for my S8 is by AmazingThing, and other than a 3 flaws, it works really well. we can news there are no hold attraction issues whatsoever — we can form on it only as quick as we can on an unclosed arrangement — and a hardness of a potion feels improved than a cosmetic film.

So either you’re shopping a Galaxy S8, or a arriving iPhone 8, you’ll have to make a decision: do we wish to go potion and get some-more insurance though with teenager annoyances, or cosmetic and get a most cleaner look?

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