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Ryan Whitwam

The Essential Phone

Essential, Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup is finally shipping its first phone, and it unequivocally stands out from a crowd. The Essential Phone has a large edge-to-edge arrangement that sports an surprising camera cutout during a top. It costs $700 unlocked, and Sprint is a usually conduit charity it directly. So, is it value dropping large bucks on a Essential Phone when a Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 are only around a corner? Here are a best and misfortune things about it to assistance we decide.

The Best

  • Build quality: The designers of a Essential Phone did their task before putting this device together. Rather than use a same aluminum and potion framework as other high-end phones, a Essential Phone has a titanium support and ceramic behind panel. The phone is a small heavier than a distance would lead we to believe, though it’s impossibly robust. There’s no headphone jack, though we consider we’ve mislaid that battle.
  • The display: The shade is an LCD panel, since many other phones are going with AMOLED panels. That doesn’t meant it’s a bad screen. In fact, it’s unequivocally crisp, and a observation angles are excellent. What unequivocally creates this phone important is a approach a shade goes all a approach adult to a tip of a support and marks along a winding dilemma of a phone. There’s fundamentally no bezel during a tip of a device, that gives it a unequivocally cold look.
  • The software: The Essential Phone ships with Android 7.1.1 with no nonessential customizations. It’s technically final year’s software, though Oreo isn’t accessible on anything other than Pixel and Nexus phones right now. This is an excellent, purify build of Android. Essential also gets credit for not cramming a phone full of pre-loaded apps, that is how many OEMs make a discerning buck.

Ryan Whitwam

The ceramic behind panel.

The Worst

  • The camera: Essential has dual rear-facing cameras on this phone, one 13MP RGB sensor and a 13MP monochrome one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take unequivocally good photos right now. The bearing control is poor, low-light images are muddy, and a shiver loiter is extreme. Essential says it’s operative to residence these issues, though for a time being, this phone’s photos are distant behind a likes of a Pixel and Galaxy S8.
  • The cutout: There’s no approach around this—the cutout during a tip of a arrangement is weird. It was required in sequence to give a front-facing camera someplace to hang out. Some OEMs have experimented with putting a camera during a bottom of a phone, though that creates video and photos demeanour strange. Most apps only stop during a bottom of a cutout, that leaves many of that space unused. All we see are some standing bar icons floating adult there.
  • Performance: While a program build is giveaway of bloatware, a opening isn’t adult to par. The Essential Phone suffers from occasional hiccups and slowdowns for no apparent reason. The hardware (Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM) is copiousness powerful, so this is an emanate of program optimization. Could Essential repair it? Sure. Will they? I’m not certain we wish to gamble $700 on that.

Ryan Whitwam

The shade cutout.

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