The 5 best things from Google I/O this year

Google I/O, a Big G’s annual developer conference, congested in a mind-boggling series of demos and announcements to uncover off advancements in all that a tech behemoth touches. These are a changes that’ll you’ll use each day on your phone, your work and your home.

The many critical updates come to Google Assistant, Android, Google Maps and AR.  

Google Assistant wowed us with realistic voices

Google Assistant stole a uncover during I/O 2018. In further to announcing a ton of useful facilities for a voice tranquil digital helper, Google showed off Duplex. Holy crap, Duplex. If we haven’t seen it in movement yet, greatfully watch this

Basically, if we wish a list during a restaurant, your digital partner will shortly be means to call a grill and make a reservation for you. It even sounds like a human. It’s also more than a small scary and still really initial during this stage, though it was overwhelming to spy and it’s cold to consider about what it could meant for a destiny of synthetic intelligence.


Other, reduction initial features, embody a more visible arrangement on phones, entirely customizable grouped commands called routines, and new voices for a Assistant including John Legend. Plus, Google Assistant will now work some-more seamlessly with intelligent home inclination like vast appliances, intelligent speakers like Google Home won’t need we to contend a arise difference for follow adult questions, and it’ll even assistance we enforce manners with your kids. Google Assistant got improved in a brief term, and showed an desirous prophesy for a AI in a future.

Android P feels like a finish Android refresh

Google’s subsequent chronicle of Android, called Android P for now, is an desirous renovate that reconsiders a really approach in that we use your phone. While we keep a home symbol and behind buttons, you’ll now appropriate adult roughly each time we wish to switch to a new app.

Google pronounced it done a change as a approach to get absolved of an unconnected symbol that had outlived a usefulness. Moreover, a Android teams believes that a gesture-heavy interface will make phones some-more liquid to use.

Android P is some-more than usually new looks. Notifications in Android P will support pictures. You’ll be means to revise screenshots right after we take them. When we prominence text, Google will envision what we wish to do with it, like call a business or demeanour adult directions. It adds some-more shortcuts around a interface, and helps we get exhausted by solemnly graying out your shade before we go to bed.


Google Maps helps we find yourself

Google Duplex was a large subject of discussion, though a fan favorite was Google Maps. The service, that has some-more than a billion users, has clearly solved a “blue dot” problem. We’ve all been there: You come adult from a transport hire irrational about that instruction you’re facing. So we spin around in circles, regulating a blue dot on Google Maps to try to find your bearings.

With an refurbish to a app’s walking navigation feature, Maps will use your phone’s camera and arrows on a shade to assistance we find your way. The underline also integrates with Google Lens, a company’s visible hunt tool, to uncover we information about a businesses around you, again by your phone’s camera.

The Maps app is also apropos some-more social. A new add-on called “For You” tells we about places and events in your area, tailored to your tastes. A underline called “Match Score” gives we recommendations for restaurants with a measure out of 100 that predicts how many you’ll like a place. It uses things like appurtenance training and, if we opt in, plcae history. And, by a tie-in with a Google Assistant, you’ll be means to text someone your ETA while you’re regulating turn-by-turn pushing directions, so we can concentration on a road.  

Multiplayer common AR opposite inclination is real, and awesome

If we wish to suppose what a destiny of floating holographic augmented-reality things will feel like when dozens of thousands of people start to use them all together, get ready, because it’s coming


Google creates it probable for Android phones and iPhones to play a same AR diversion together.

James Martin/CNET

Google’s ARCore tech for phones has a few new features, though a many extraordinary is called “Cloud Anchors,” an ability for AR information to be common opposite mixed phones… even Android to iPhone. 

Light Board, a diversion that concerned sharpened missiles between dual bases, shows how dual players could travel around an AR knowledge and play during once. A Google examination regulating graffiti-like scribbles explored how designation art or community artistic collection could work. The subsequent call of Pokemon Go, or destiny versions of Google Maps, could use this is in totally astonishing ways.

Google Lens gets even improved AR collection for cameras

Don’t blink: a ways that Google’s elaborating a camera app into a torpedo AR app regulating Google Lens is accelerating. 

This year, Google’s world-scanning intelligent camera tech can commend objects and hunt for associated things like a web browser, or indicate and duplicate or interpret text, automatically constraint business cards, and give heads-up directions in Google Maps. 

Google Lens is also entrance to some-more Android phones around the local camera app. One-tap camera-based universe scanning could finish adult being a arrange of tech that heralds in a universe of AI-assisted AR in ways that Google Glass could usually dream of.

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