The 5 Most Important Announcements during Google I/O 2017

Google has been holding a annual developer discussion for 10 years now, though I/O is no longer usually a developer conference. It’s a place for Google to announce and uncover off some of a latest technologies, and speak about a future. At I/O 2017, Google announced new products powered by appurtenance learning, some large improvements to Assistant and Google Home, and it offering adult a glance of a destiny of Android in your car. Here are a 5 many critical things announced during I/O.

Android O beta

The subsequent chronicle of Android changed one step closer to recover during Google I/O this year. The beta for Android O was strictly launched, that means we can utterly simply play around with it as prolonged as you’ve got one of a upheld devices. Specifically, a Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 5X.

This isn’t a initial we’ve seen of Android O — a alpha build was launched in March, though that was accessible usually as a complement image. To implement that, your phone indispensable to have an unbarred bootloader, and designation compulsory a use of a desktop mechanism with a Android dev collection installed. Now, all we have to do is revisit a Android beta module site.

After logging in, we can name a phone we wish to enroll in a program. An OTA refurbish to Android O will seem several mins later. You won’t need to clear your bootloader, and nothing of your information will be deleted. Although, this is pre-release software. Things could go wrong. Your phone will be flashed behind to Android 7.1 if we confirm to leave a beta. That will undo your data, so ensue with caution.

Google Home and Assistant

Google talked a lot about appurtenance training during I/O, and one of a places we see that many is in Assistant. This voice-activated control height is removing some important enhancements. On a phone side, Assistant is no longer voice-only. When job adult Assistant on your phone, we can daub a keyboard idol to form commands and questions instead of vocalization them.

assistant (2)

Assistant on phones is also means of regulating “actions” now. Assistant actions are a third-party services that we can switch over to from a customary Assistant controls. There are over 250 of them including, Logitech Harmony, and Samsung SmartThings. There’s even a office of services accessible on a phone. That goes for both Android and iOS. Yes, there’s an Assistant app on iOS now.

There are a few facilities specific to Google Home as well. The device apparently has a implicit Bluetooth radio that is being woken up, so we can lamp audio to it as a Cast device or unchanging Bluetooth. Google Home can also place phone calls — usually tell it who to call, and it does a rest. The chairman on a other finish sees your unchanging mobile number, so they don’t even know you’re job with Home. Lastly, Assistant will be means to offer active notifications about things that competence be entrance adult on your schedule.

Android Automotive

Google expelled Android Auto alongside Lollipop, and it has finished small to urge a height given then. Maybe that’s since Google is looking during a opposite approach to get Android in a car. Google had dual demos of a “Android Automotive” height during I/O, that is most some-more desirous than Android Auto.

Whereas Android Auto is usually a projected interface powered by your phone, Android Automotive is a Android handling complement indeed using on a car. Some automakers have used Android as a bottom for their infotainment systems, though they’re old, heavily skinned, and miss all Google services. Google wants to urge this program and build a possess app height into it. That means Assistant is included, so we have entrance to a innumerable of apps and services though installing anything on a car.

It’s misleading how updates will work with Android Automotive. It’s probable your automobile could finish adult really outdated, and you’ll substantially keep a automobile most longer than a phone. The upshot to carrying Android built-in is improved control of a car’s systems. The demos enclosed a ability to use Assistant to control a atmosphere conditioning or open a sunroof.

Google Lens

In another instance of Google’s appurtenance training prowess, CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Lens during a keynote. This is a new form of visible hunt record that can commend objects and yield information and actions.


Google offering adult a few demos of how Lens competence be useful. In one, Lens was shown a tag on a bottom of a Wi-Fi router. It rightly identified a SSID and password, afterwards offering to record a phone into a network. In another, Lens was shown a grill storefront. It figured out what it was and offering reviews from Maps.

Google Lens will be partial of Assistant and photos when it rolls out. Users will be means to constraint images in Assistant to get information from a genuine world. In Photos, Lens will be means to find actionable calm as your images are uploaded. We don’t know when lens will hurl out to Assistant and Photos, though it will occur “soon.” Lens will come to some-more products down a road.


Programming languages are not quite interesting, unless we occur to be a developer. And Google I/O is still technically a developer conference. So, Google got large cheers when it announced that a Kotlin programming denunciation will be entirely upheld by Android.

Android’s primary denunciation for developers has always been Java, though Kotlin can run on a Java Virtual Machine — it’s totally interoperable. It’s also a most some-more complicated denunciation that’s befitting for focus growth with cleaner syntax, organic programming, and more. It’s mostly compared to Apple’s Swift programming language. Google had a series of demos that showed how a few lines of Kotlin formula could reinstate dozens of lines in Java.

This doesn’t indispensably matter to users right now, though it will be a really good thing in a future. Developers who welcome Kotlin might be means to furnish improved apps faster. Kotlin could also inspire some iOS developers to give Android a shot. That’s all good for those of us who use apps.

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