The Ataribox lives, as a prototype, supposedly

The reboot of a classical Atari games console is behind on, with prototypes to be displayed during a Games Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco after this month.

The news follows 3 months of passed atmosphere in a arise of a company’s preference to lift out of pre-order skeleton during a final minute.

Last month, a Ataribox’s website also went offline, sparking conjecture that a whole thought had been ditched.

Apparently not though, with Atari announcing, alongside a relaunch of several classical Atari games, that “for a initial time during an event, see a antecedent of a ‘Ataribox Project’, Atari’s initial vital hardware height in over twenty years!”

Before we get too vehement though, a proclamation comes with an unnerving bolt of great-sounding content though unequivocally singular product detail.

From a announcement: “Inspired by a iconic conformation and character of a mythological Atari 2600 Video Computer System, Atari’s new party height has already generated tons of certain fan feedback.

“Thanks to a sublime mix of complicated lines and obedient details, it has evoked certain reactions from long-standing and new Atari enthusiasts. Now, for a initial time, see and hold a entirely satisfied antecedent of a new height in person!”

But no launch details, no organisation specs, no sum on what has caused a delays or either they have been overcome. We will ask Atari CEO Fred Chesnais about them when we locate adult with him after this month.

The box itself has had a vehement run so far. Announced 8 months ago, fans of a classical code and a wooden styling got themselves in lather. There was fashion for retro consoles, with NES Classic carrying been relaunched a year before and roughly immediately offered out.


A month after a initial announcement, some cinema seemed on a dedicated website and it looks like a genuine possibility, generally given a recover of a Blade Runner 2049 film in Oct that featured a Atari logo.

But we were doubtful it could be finished in time. And we were sadly valid right. In November, a association promised that things were on lane and even supposing some details: it would be powered by an AMD customized processor with Radeon Graphics record and run on Linux.

It will “offer games and more: bringing a full PC knowledge to a TV, it will also embody streaming, applications, social, browsing, and music,” a association said.

And afterwards on Dec 11, Atari excitedly announced we would be means to pre-order a box usually 3 days later. “These deals will be intensely limited,” a association noted. “We’ll tell we all we need to know to get a best understanding soon.”

But on a launch date, instead of being presented with a pre-order link, would-be buyers were sensitive that “the countdown to a Ataribox launch has been strictly paused.”

A press recover – accessible usually in French as a pdf – quoted Chesnais as observant that “final audits” of a Ataribox suggested that that “certain accessories” were not prepared and that a launch of a crowdfunding debate was being delayed.

“All a immature lights did not come on during a final countdown to launch a Indiegogo campaign, so we’re shifting,” Chesnais is quoted as saying. “This discreet decision, that focuses on a product and a community, is taken with a long-term vision.”

“We will do whatever it takes,” a association promised. “An updated launch devise is underway and some-more minute information will be accessible soon.”


There has been no news since. And when we contacted Atari final month, we were simply forked to a press release.

What is critical to know is that Atari isn’t a association that we might imagine: it has reduction than 10 employees and doesn’t unequivocally build anything. Each of a ventures has relied on crowdsourcing, indicating that a association has no collateral to pull on.

After a 1980s heyday, a games association didn’t keep adult with a times and solemnly disintegrated. But it was saved from outrageous genocide from former worker Chesnais who bought a name and a egghead skill rights.

Since afterwards Chesnais has attempted a series of opposite ways to spin a distinction from a iconic name, many recently with a due cryptocurrency launch. He has had some medium success with relaunching aged Atari games for new console and formats and it is tentatively looking during formulating new games.

But a Ataribox is a company’s initial bid during hardware in a complicated incarnation, as a painfully delayed routine of even putting a antecedent together has shown.

The rambling approach a Ataribox has developed does put a large doubt symbol over a console. But we’re not essay a association off usually yet. If a association has indeed put together a torpedo antecedent for GDC, it’s protected to contend that all will be forgiven by gamers who wish to suffer some of a classical gameplay of Atari games in a complicated setting. ®

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