The best announcements from Google I/O 2018!

Google I/O this year was all about reclaiming time. Time from your phone, time from your phone calls, and time for a people that matter. To that end, as someone who admittedly uses his phone too much, Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiatives are a good start. They’re not ideal — Andrew already summed adult their flaws and stipulations good — but, during slightest for me, they lay a substructure to bargain how we use my phone and how we can lay off a excess.

The Dashboard, that will be entrance to a destiny chronicle of Android P, shows how this will work: metrics to yield a basement for a some-more grounded believe bottom of how we use your phone on a day-to-day basis. we know that we spend a lot of time in Twitter and Instagram, though when a Dashboard tells me we spend 80% of my day in possibly one, I’m anticipating that will be adequate procedure to cut down. (To be honest, it substantially won’t, though believe is power, as they say.)

On a other hand, I’m comforted by a fact that Google is finally acknowledging, and holding stairs to assuage, a flourishing problem of smartphone dependency.

Marc Lagace

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