The best note-taking apps to keep we organized in 2020

The informed feeling – you’ve popped out to a shops, usually to find you’ve left your cover with your recipe on your kitchen table. Or you’re in an critical assembly and realize that your records are buried somewhere in an unnamed Google Doc.

Don’t be ‘that’ person. Leave a notepad behind and start regulating a digital note-taking app instead and start syncing your reminders opposite inclination and adding additional information to make life admin reduction of a drag.

This is a collect of a best note-taking apps, trimming from giveaway to paid, with so many functions that we competence find they start replacing other apps too.

Apple Notes

It’s one of a many simple options out there, yet it’s already on your iPhone, iPad or Mac so is a good place to start for a basics. Apple Notes gets a pursuit done, it has some nifty features, and syncs adult opposite devices. You can jot down notes, emanate a checklist (look for a parasite symbol idol during a bottom) and even supplement annotations, photos and tables with a icons during a bottom of a screen. You can also ask Siri to jot down a note, or hunt by your records for you. Something that Apple Notes is quite good during is categorisation, with a operation of folders and subfolders we can use to organize your notes. No need to fast copy-paste your to-do list into an email possibly – iCloud means that your records are synced opposite all of your Apple devices.

Google Keep

Mimicking a demeanour of Post-its, Google Keep links adult to your categorical Google comment and is ideal if we like being means to demeanour during all of your records during a glance. Keep is accessible on iOS, Android and by your web browser. You can collect from opposite colours to assistance organize your records some-more simply and if we use Gmail or Google Drive, a sidebar will have a Google Keep idol that we can use to pin a note to a specific email or folder. Add a Google Keep Chrome extension, and we can save links, videos and photos too. It also doubles as a sign app – supplement a date or time to a note, and it will sync into your Google Calendar. The usually downside is that there are no folders to assistance keep things organised, however we can supplement labels to records to keep things in order.


If we like notebooks yet can’t keep lane of how many we own, Evernote competence be a right note-taking app for you. The simple chronicle is free, yet a Premium chronicle costs £4.99 a month, and a Business version, that supports Slack and Google’s G Suite, costs £10.99 a month. Unlike some of a some-more simple options, Evernote lets we organize records into notebooks, tag, classify and hunt by notes. A giveaway chronicle has templates we can use and supports a operation of note formats – text, audio, video, photos, sketches, web page clippings (a browser prolongation creates it easy to collect all your links in one place). If we have a Business or Premium account, we can share those records with people who don’t have Evernote, and digitize your records from scanned documents.


Simplenote is ideal if all we wish to do is take records and not many else. It’s a desktop app, not an prolongation and it’s concordant with iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. It’s also giveaway to use. Simplenote has a simple interface, and we can emanate total notes, even yet we can’t upload any other kind of record – so if we need visuals or a video, it competence not be a right choice for you. It has other, simple organisational facilities – we can supplement tags to your notes, and there’s a decent hunt function.


While Notion competence be a bit too heated – or have too many options for a chairman who’s looking for a infrequent note-taking app – it has so many functions that we competence find yourself abandoning other apps too. There is a giveaway choice yet Notion has a far-reaching operation of functions during $4 (£3.06) per month (free for students and teachers), including a calendar template, a bill template, a wishlist template and roughly total storage. You can hide images, video and audio files too. The somewhat clunky blueprint that puts all into blocks, rather than content – competence be distracting for some, yet it becomes informed and is accessible for teams or people with a lot of opposite projects on a go.


Apple has Notes, Google has Keep and Microsoft has OneNote. Available on iOS, Android, desktop and in your browser, OneNote does a basis good and has lots of other accessible features, generally if we make use of other Microsoft services. You can change a approach it looks with some of a inbuilt templates and organize your records into notebooks. There’s even a digital highlighter for people who wish to embrace a analog knowledge as many as possible, as good as tabs. What might set OneNote detached from other apps is that we can pierce anything on a page around, no matter what a format – so we could place a blueprint subsequent to a to do list, underneath a video, and drag and file during your leisure.


Bear is usually concordant with iOS and Mac, yet a beautiful, minimal interface (including a dim mode) creates it unequivocally mount out. You can build links opposite a notes, creation it easier to pierce between them and keep on tip of things. The formatting options operation from simple content to numbered lists, and a concentration mode will mislay other distractions, creation it easier to combine on a page in front of you. You can encrypt particular records with a cue Touch/FaceID. A markup choice means we can also modify records into other formats – like PDFs, Word and Google Documents, even JPEGs. If we wish to sync opposite devices, you’ll have to subscribe, that is $1.49 (£1.14) a month.

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Updated Jan 2, 2019 12:26: Google Keep does have labels

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