The cheapest live TV pennon heads to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV


Philo is expanding device support.

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Philo, a fledgling skinny-bundle TV streaming service, is holding dual stairs closer to a big-league competitors. 

The live-TV streaming association will work on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV inclination this summer, CEO Andrew McCollum pronounced final week. An Android mobile app is subsequent on a roadmap. 

When Philo launched in November, it worked on Roku, on Apple mobile inclination and by casting from a Chrome browser on your mechanism through Chromecast or any other TV-connected Google Cast. The device support was comparatively singular compared with competitors. Adding Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV will be a poignant enlargement for Philo.

In addition, you’ll be means to do some-more with your Philo account. The association is unlocking a streaming apps for the TV networks enclosed in a customer’s subscription. That means if we compensate for Philo’s $16-a-month gold of wire channels, you’ll be means to entrance a paywalled apps for channels like AMC, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and History. (Insiders call this TV Everywhere authentication.) 

All of Philo’s networks are participating solely for a Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN, that is entrance soon.   


Philo CEO Andrew McCollum was partial of a strange group that launched Facebook during Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg. 


Philo is a latest in a march of practical TV services that have emerged in a final 3 years and also is a many niche. Most of a competitors are corroborated by tech Goliaths like ATT’s DirecTV Now, Google’s YouTube TV, Dish’s Sling TV or Sony’s PlayStation Vue, as a approach for those companies to settle their territory as radio viewers quit from normal providers like wire to digital ones. But — kind of like a minor-league Hulu, that is owned by Disney, Fox, Comcast and Time Warner — Philo is corroborated by a smaller media companies that run a wire networks it carries, like AMC and Discovery. 

That means a gold is severely skinny, yet it also means Philo has a cheapest live-TV streaming package out there. 

Philo’s sweet-spot patron is someone who’s a superfan of one of a networks, so opening adult TV Everywhere authentication could be a captivate for viewers who would already be captivated to that network’s streaming app for any extras packaged in. And widening device support helps enhance a intensity subscriber bottom to people who use Apple TV or Fire TV to stream. 

Philo’s gold lacks big-time sports, round-the-clock news, large promote networks, internal channels or a biggest wire networks (which roughly all have sports). But those are also a many costly channels out there. Without them, Philo is cheapest among a baby ranks of practical live-TV services. Philo undercuts Sling TV‘s $20 starting rate and is half a cost (or less) compared with DirecTV NowPlayStation VueHulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

For these bigger competitors, though, far-reaching device support is standard for a course. 

TV Everywhere authentication has been uneven with these services in a past, yet rivals like PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now clear all a channel apps that Philo does now. Some of Philo’s other, bigger competitors, however, don’t clear a apps for all their channels. Sling has a patchwork of TV Everywhere authentications. 

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