The Chicken Connoisseur goes from YouTube to primary time –TV preview

Hey, boss! we have intensely high hopes for Elijah Quashie’s new array Peng Life, that debuts on Channel 4 on Friday night. If you’ve not encountered Elijah yet, concede me to introduce him to you. Aged around 25, yet with a looks and feeling of a child bunking off school, he has turn a heading consultant on London’s ’hood duck shops, a arrange of unobtrusive investiture where a dish understanding will frequency surpass £2.99 for your frame burger, a integrate of wings, chips and maybe even a extract too. His “Chicken Connoisseur” YouTube reviews of a likes of Maxy’s on a Old Kent Road, Dixy, a eminent foodie magnet in Tufnell Park, and Eden’s Cottage, Finsbury Park’s answer to Heston Blumenthal, are some of a excellent ever seen on YouTube. Elijah likes his duck succulent, yet serves his wit very, unequivocally dry, and sharp with it. 

Here he will be holding his vicious faculties out of a duck emporium and into a worlds of a kebab, cars, hair salon, and celebrity. Should be banging, and we’re sanctified to have him. Calm viewing. Not too shabby.

Who’s a (Big) Daddy?: Ed Balls enters a ring (BBC/Expectation Entertainment)

In fact Peng Life joins a brilliant Who is America? in Channel 4’s conspicuous summer comedy offensive, holding a conflict for comic leverage to a BBC, and utterly to BBC3, who seem to have left for their hols. Here, armed customarily with prosthetic disguises, Sacha Baron Cohen takes another satirical cube out of a United States, and can be credited as one of a few, along with Barack Obama, to have successfully done a dope of a many crisp ego on a planet. 

Talking of which, by a way, and by contrast, Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls succeeds customarily in degrading a former shade chancellor. Had politics played out a small differently he competence be using a nation now and assembly President Trump on equal terms as a conduct of government. Instead he’s in a leotard. we ask you.

Mirror, mirror: Sue Johnston as Ivy-Rae in ‘Age Before Beauty’ (BBC)

The third stump in a C4 laughable flare is Hang Ups, a earnest sitcom co-written by and starring Stephen Mangan, about a therapist who treats his patients online, and who is himself headed for a shaken breakdown. With Katherine Parkinson, Monica Dolan, Charles Dance and Richard E Grant.  

Not utterly so comical is Age Before Beauty, that has many juicy ingredients, such as a expel featuring Robson Green and Sue Johnston, and some zinger one-liners – yet so distant has somehow constructed to be reduction than a sum of a parts. That’s down to an unbelievably unwieldy tract device that we can’t indeed remember a full workings of. It’s fresh, and lively, though, so fingers crossed that Debbie Horsfield’s latest offer shortly starts to exhibit a possess middle beauty.

Something in a air: Tony Robinson’s extraordinary appurtenance (Channel 4)

I contingency contend we am looking brazen to Hidden Britain by Drone, that hovers somewhere between tellurian embankment and a Sir Cliff Richard-style sum advance of remoteness as Tony Robinson, God magnify him, takes his small motorised machines to poke into places customarily secret by anyone: except, well, pretty enough, a people who possess or live in them. Novel.

I can also entirely suggest dual rather opposite significant series. £10k Holiday Home is a arrange of “guilty viewing” treat, where we can indulge yourself in a thought that we could indeed buy a small cut of genuine estate in some sun-kissed dilemma of Portugal for reduction than a cost of a used Ford Fiesta. Julia Bradbury even puts her possess income into a intrigue of her own, that might or might not surpass her price for a series. 

The tilt deal: Mark Kermode (BBC)

Unrestrained praise, here, for Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema, that represents a unequivocally best of open use broadcasting. we meant it. You get entertained with well-judged clips of favourite and problematic films; we get prepared about a art and qualification of film-making; and we get some science, amicable story and politics spliced in. This week’s penultimate part covers a scholarship novella genre, and is one of a best. 

Topical doc of a week: The Foreign Doctors Are Coming. As Brexit looms and a predicament in a NHS shows small pointer of improvement, we follow medics from Brazil, Egypt and Europe as they get to grips with a world’s many puzzling people and their non-believer faith – a British and a National Health Service. we can customarily wish them luck.  

Dr Swamy gets prepared to save a NHS (Channel 4)

Last: athletics. we can’t unequivocally serve adult a appetite to go using turn this sold track, so I’ll leave it that BBC1, BBC2 and Radio 5 Live for that matter have got loads of coverage of a initial European Championships (including swimming, cycling and gymnastics) from Glasgow and Berlin any day this week. 

Peng Life (Channel 4, Friday 11.05pm); Who is America? (Channel 4, Monday 10pm); Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls (BBC2, Sunday 9pm); Hang Ups (Channel 4, Wednesday 10pm); Age Before Beauty (BBC1, Tuesday 9pm); Hidden Britain by Drone (Channel 4, Sunday 8pm); £10k Holiday Home (ITV, Tuesday 7.30pm); Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema (BBC4, Tuesday 9pm); The Foreign Doctors are Coming (Channel 4, Tuesday 10pm); European Championships 2018 (BBC2, Saturday from 9am)

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