The Essential Phone appears in a wild, display off notifications [VIDEO]

Despite not meaningful accurately when a Essential Phone will be expelled to a public, it seems during slightest one chairman has gotten their hands on a device. In a new video common on YouTube, someone perceived a Snapchat from a crony saying “This man has a phone that isn’t out on a marketplace yet”.

At initial glance, we were also a bit suspicious, though that was until a video zooms in to uncover off a top-half of a device. The iconic cutout for a front camera can simply be seen, along with a new arrangement that facilities an roughly bezel-less design.

While it’s rather tough to make it out accurately what is on a individual’s screen, we can see a presentation dropping down from a top, identical to how Android Nougat works already. This isn’t all that startling deliberation a fact that a Essential Phone will be powered by Nougat, though it’s still engaging to see this device in a wild.

We’ll be watchful (im)patiently until a Essential Phone gets an central launch date, though this is a good approach to keep us salivating for a bit longer. we would like to indicate out that it’s a bit engaging to see that a chairman regulating a Essential Phone isn’t regulating one of those “hide my phone” cases, and is regulating it as if it’s zero crazy. Oh well.

Let us know either you’re vehement to see a Essential Phone launched, or if you’re looking elsewhere for a device (like a OnePlus 5).

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