The Essential Phone is being upgraded to Android 9 Pie on a same day as Google’s Pixels

The Essential Phone is removing Android 9.0 Pie on day one — usually like Google’s possess Pixel smartphones. Essential is rolling out a vital OS refurbish today. The association has customarily been releasing a final few Android 9 betas usually hours after Google done them available, and now a one and usually smartphone is removing Pie’s facilities months before you’ll find them on inclination from Samsung, LG, Motorola, and a rest. This is a thing that usually doesn’t occur nowadays. The discerning rollout is due in partial to Google’s work on Project Treble in Android Oreo, though clearly a Essential group has done rapid updates a priority.

For a association that looks to be struggling to survive, this is flattering commendable. Essential continues to frequently broach program improvements and optimizations to a PH-1, that can now mostly be purchased for between $300 and $400. No, it didn’t spin out to be a mainstream iPhone and Galaxy enemy that Andy Rubin might’ve once envisioned. A too-high cost during launch and camera peculiarity minute this device’s intensity with consumers. But if we bought a Essential Phone for a right price, news like this goes to uncover we didn’t make a bad choice.

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