The Essential Phone will get a clip-on headphone jack

A headphone jack competence not have been essential adequate to be partial of a Essential Phone itself, though a association has reliable it’s operative on a procedure that includes one. “We are actively building a high finish audio appendage to support a 3.5mm jack,” a Essential group pronounced during a Reddit AMA today.

Aside from a 360-degree camera, business can subsequent pattern a charging wharf to be expelled before destiny modules including a high-end audio device. In a follow-up remark, another Essential worker pronounced ”our conduct of pattern is in Asia right now removing a high-end audio appendage super dialed. He courteously called me during 3AM currently so we could speak about some specifics for a design.”

The arriving Essential Phone advancing station.

“We are operative literally around a time around a creation to get your overwhelming new things ready,” a group said. Essential also gave a sincerely consummate reason for a repudiation of a 3.5mm jack in a PH-1:

Headphone jacks are flattering large components and they don’t play good with all-screen Phone architectures. We complicated it really seriously, though wise a headphone jack into a Phone compulsory tradeoffs we were worried with. We’d have grow a outrageous “chin” in a arrangement and revoke a battery ability by 10%, or we’d need a outrageous headphone bump! We motionless it was some-more critical to have a pleasing full-screen arrangement in a skinny device with plain battery life.

Essential also replied to other dire questions during a AMA, and I’ve collected a critical answers below.

Android O

During a AMA, a Essential group pronounced that Essential Phone owners can pattern to accept an refurbish to Android 8.0 Oreo within dual months.

Camera improvements

Addressing a heading censure about their entrance product, Andy Rubin himself pronounced that his group will continue operative to urge both opening and peculiarity of images that a camera takes. “We are flattering happy with a hardware pattern of a camera,” he said. “We are regulating computational photography to compound a monochrome and tone sensors. That’s a partial we’re not too happy about, though luckily it’s program and we’ve already finished a series of updates to a app to repair bug and supplement features.”

The camera’s outlay is still distant from where it needs to be, and a camera app itself would also be well-served with a additional of a pro/manual mode.

Where’s a white one?

The white ceramic Essential Phone is distant reduction expected to uncover smudges and fingerprints to a same grade as a shipping black model. “White is coming,” an Essential worker confirmed. “Pure White ceramic is in build trials now. We’re looking during a few weeks until they’re in boxes and shipping, generally as we fill a production reserve on Moon Black.”

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