The Essential Phone Will Skip Android 8.0 and Go Right to 8.1

Essential Phone

Andy Rubin founded Android as an eccentric association and afterwards ran a Android multiplication during Google for several years after a acquisition. He left a few years behind to work on other projects. His many new plan is Essential, that expelled a initial phone final fall. The Essential Phone is like many phones from that duration — it shipped with Android 7.0 instead of a code new 8.0 Oreo. Well, Essential has been operative on an 8.0 update, though now it says it’s skipping 8.0 and will go right for 8.1.

The Essential Phone garnered courtesy final year for a confidant super-narrow bezel pattern with a “notch” in a display. This phone was announced some months before a iPhone X, creation it a initial to take a cube out of a shade to residence sensors. The upshot is a phone’s LCD row goes all a approach adult to a corner on 3 sides. There’s a bit of a chin during a bottom of a phone.

Despite a engaging hardware, Essential had to make excuses for a module situation. It pronounced a device would get an refurbish to Oreo by early 2018, though it sounds like there’s going to be a check there. Essential started a Oreo beta module dual months ago, permitting owners of a phone to manually implement a refurbish and give it a shot. There have been 3 releases of a Oreo beta so far, though Essential says it’s identified several fortitude issues that have been formidable to solve.

The new march of movement for Essential is to skip Android 8.0 entirely. It says a bugs it’s encountering in 8.0 are not benefaction in Android 8.1 Oreo. Therefore, it’s going to approach all a efforts to pierce a Essential Phone directly from Nougat to Android 8.1. That will expected pull a recover behind by several some-more weeks, though there will be a beta module for 8.1 soon.

Those meddlesome in contrast Android 8.1 will have a possibility to do so soon. Just like a Android 8.0 beta, you’ll need to have a Android SDK set adult on your mechanism to sideload a OTA file. The beta will still have bugs to iron out, so we should wait if possible.

Essential has pronounced it will be one of a few OEMs to broach Project Treble in an update, that competence be partial of a reason it’s holding so long. Devices that boat with Oreo contingency embody Treble, though Essential is going above and beyond. Project Treble is a modular complement horizon that will make it easier and faster to refurbish a phone subsequent time.

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