The initial Hajj Hackathon is kicking off subsequent month in Saudi Arabia …

The Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, in partnership with Google and Egypt’s RiseUp is hosting a largest tech plea to be ever hold in a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – The Hajj Hackathon.

The 36-hour hackathon Hajj Hackathon will be hold subsequent month in Jeddah from Aug 1st to 3rd. It is open to tech entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and innovators from all around a MENA region, and is approaching to attract 3000 developers.

But what’s a hackathon all about? What do participants have to build? Well, entrepreneurs holding partial in a Hajj Hackathon have to build a resolution that would palliate and streamline a routine of Hajj and urge a knowledge of a pilgrims. Some of a hurdles participants can work to embody food and beverage, transportation, accommodation, transport arrangements, throng management, trade control, rubbish management, housing and communication solutions.

The participants will be judged formed on 4 criteria:

  1. Design
  2. Simplicity
  3. Impact
  4. Creativity

What about a prizes though? The hackathon has some overwhelming prizes prepared for a tip 3 winners. They will be removing giveaway tickets to a Google IO Developers Conference that’s function subsequent year, in further to tickets for a RiseUp Summit function this year in Cairo. Not usually that, though a winners will also get Google Home Mini with Google Assistant built and Google Cloud credit. On a other hand, a tip 10 teams will get Google Home Mini with Google Assistant built in, while a tip 20 will get Google. cloud credit.

But that’s not all yet! The Winner of a Hajj Hackathon will also be awarded a grand esteem of 100,000 SAR for 15% equity investment. In addition, a runner-up will get 500,000 SAR for 10% equity investment, and a 2nd runner-up will get 350,000 SAR for 7% equity investment.

The hackathon will be hold during a Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Centre. The webinar will be holding place on Jul 31st.

So what are we watchful for? Hurry adult and request NOW before Jul 17th!

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