The initial Razer Phone highlight tests are in – and it’s not pretty

Gadget highlight tester JerryRigEverything has incited his courtesy to a Razer Phone, and a formula of his prodding and scratching uncover a handset isn’t a toughest phone on a block.

Given a Razer Phone is formed on a Nextbit Robin handset, interjection to Razer shopping Nextbit, JerryRigEverything approaching it to share some of a continuance attributes of a ephemeral phone.

But it incited out to be a small tougher, flourishing many of a heartless hook exam yet any vital repairs solely for some extraneous cracks. The Nextbit Robin was busted by a same test.

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And notwithstanding a use of Gorilla Glass 3 rather than Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 5, a Razer Phone’s considerable 120Hz modernise rate shade withstood scratching from JerryRigEverything’s exam until “level 6” – a levels run twin to good – so 6 binds a possess opposite other tip tier phones.

With steel behind and sides with a black coating, it’s no warn that a Razer Phone can be sincerely simply scratched if we take a pointy blade to it. Of course, that’s not something many lucid people do, yet a contrast does uncover that if we dump a phone onto a tough aspect it will expected get some conspicuous scuffs.

The twin camera lenses, notwithstanding their potion covering, and a fingerprint scanner also struggled to withstand scratching. But they both continued to work after JerryRigEverything when during them, yet a scratching would advise that putting a Razer Phone in a box would be sensible.

Finally, a Razer Phone survived a “burn test” that unprotected a handset’s shade to a cigarette lighter flame. The LCD arrangement hold adult good opposite a test, while other phones with AMOLED displays tend to humour a permanent mark.

All in all, a Razer Phone isn’t a hardiest handset around, yet with a box and a small caring it should tarry clever daily use.

While not designed privately for gamers, a Moto G5 is a good inexpensive choice to a Razer Phone – and right now we can get £30 off it during Amazon!

And here are some other good Razer deals:

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