The initial call of Google I/O 2018 invites start arriving

Now that MWC 2018 is finished, we can set a sights on some other events entrance up. One such eventuality is one of a many renouned events of a year – Google I/O.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw that Google opened up a entice raffle, permitting folks to chuck their name into a hat. Well, a fun is over as registration has finished and a Big G has started to send out invitations to those who were selected.

If we were selected, your credit label was soon charged, and Google sent we an email. From here we can learn some-more about your sheet details, along with modifying your Google I/O profile.

In further to promulgation out invitations, Google also published a rough report of events during a conference. Some of a prominence events are as follows:

  • An introduction to building Actions for Google Assistant
  • Build an AR app with a Poly Toolkit for Unity
  • Build effective OEM-level apps on Android Things
  • Design Action for a Google Assistant on intelligent displays
  • What’s new in Android Wear

Obviously Google Assistant will expected be a star of a show, though it’s still good to see that Google is committed to Android Wear. Let us know if we were comparison to to attend I/O and what you’re looking brazen to a most!

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