The Galaxy S9 is already here, though Samsung is still milking a Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S9 has been accessible in many countries for scarcely dual months, though a phone isn’t a success Samsung approaching it to be. Sales aren’t that bad, a new news said, though a phone isn’t expected to set any annals for Samsung.

That substantially explains since Samsung is going brazen with skeleton to launch a new Galaxy S8 chronicle this year. But while it might demeanour like a original, a Lite choice will be on a lighter side of performance.

If we don’t wish to compensate a Galaxy S9’s full plaque price, there’s always a choice of shopping final year’s Galaxy S8 flagship, that should be even cheaper if we can find it in stores.

Image Source: Weibo

What you’d substantially wish to equivocate removing vehement about is a Galaxy S8 Lite, that is, above all else, a outrageous selling trick.

The Galaxy S8 Lite will keep a pattern Samsung introduced with final year’s Galaxy S8, though it won’t be as fast. But gripping a Galaxy S8 name in place is a selling pretence Samsung devised to sell as many Lite units as possible. And given that a Galaxy S9 isn’t a extraordinary strike Samsung wanted, a association is substantially looking to sell as many affordable Galaxy S8 Lite phones as probable this year.

Image Source: Weibo

The phone should be even some-more affordable than a unchanging Galaxy S8, though that’s since it’ll container some-more medium specs. A news pronounced a Lite handset will underline a Snapdragon 660 chip instead of final year’s Snapdragon 835 chip that powers a Galaxy S8.

Image Source: Weibo

A new trickle from Weibo shows us what seem to be press shots for a Galaxy S8 Lite — above and below.

Shown in black and red tone options, a phone underline that irritating camera and fingerprint sensor arrangement of a Galaxy S8. That’s since this can usually be a Galaxy S8 Lite. The leaker refers to a phone as a Galaxy S8 Lite on Weibo.

Image Source: Weibo

It’s misleading when Samsung will launch a phone, though a source offering May 21st as a intensity launch date for a Galaxy S8 Lite.

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