The Latest Android 9 Security Update Includes Helpful Feature Patches for Pixel Phones

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On Tuesday, Google posted patch notes for a approaching Android confidence refurbish for December, that will hurl out to all Android inclination starting today. These monthly updates routinely repair intensity vulnerabilities for inclination regulating Android 9, yet this month’s refurbish includes specific rags for Pixel phones in further to a normal confidence updates. The rags embody softened camera performance, fixes for shade flickering bugs and apps incidentally shutting while regulating in a background, and several others.

While a infancy of a rags are for Pixel 3 devices, a few request to a prior Pixel models as well, so you’ll wish to request a refurbish as shortly as a accessible to take advantage. Here’s a outline of all a changes entrance to Pixel phones in December’s Android 9 confidence update:

Improved RAM opening and credentials app closure fix

Some Pixel 2 and 3 users have found that their phones will tighten apps regulating in a credentials prematurely, yet this new refurbish reportedly fixes that. Google refers to this change as “Improved memory opening in certain circumstances” for all Pixel 2, 2XL, 3 and 3XL phones, that will refurbish a RAM government on these phones privately to forestall neglected app closures.


Ambient arrangement flutter fix

The other marquee underline patch for a Dec confidence refurbish is directed during preventing shade flutter that occurs on Pixel 3 devices’ ambient close screen, that Google refers to as “improved Always On Display triggering.”

Better camera performance

Google is touting softened camera constraint opening for a Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, that is also partial of a RAM government fix. Pixel 3 users can also demeanour brazen to retooled autofocus function and softened shiver opening after they implement a update.


Media and Bluetooth improvements

There are a handful of changes being patched into several media apps and facilities opposite a whole Pixel phone line. First, Google has practiced a volume function when joining to a Bluetooth device, that relates to all Pixel phones. Furthermore, owners of models from a strange Pixel or Pixel 2 lineups should see quicker response for unlocking your phone while connected over Bluetooth.


As for Pixel 3-specific media updates, Google says users can demeanour brazen to “improved contouring on HDR” when regulating a Pixel 3’s media apps, as good as improved showing for when we block in an audio device around a USB-C port.

Pixel mount updates

Pixel 3 owners who have picked adult a Pixel Stand appendage for their Google Home will be happy to hear Google has “improved presentation visibility” while your phone is docked to a Stand (though it’s misleading by a post as to what accurately those improvements are). You should also notice improved Hotword approval and opening as well.


Android Auto performance

Finally, a final dual rags in December’s confidence refurbish request to Android Auto features, that enhance and urge harmony for Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 devices, as good as creation altogether improvements to Pixel 3 audio opening for some vehicles when regulating Android Auto.

How to download December’s Android 9 confidence update

As mentioned above, a refurbish and all germane facilities rags will hurl out to all Android inclination starting today, 12/5. You will get a complement refurbish presentation when it’s available, during that indicate all we need to do is run a update.


However, Google also releases a OTA and factory images for all a updates, and a Dec refurbish is now live for those who cite to peep OS updates to their inclination manually.

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