The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 will see Android Oreo in 2017

The value-focused Nokia 3, 5, and 6 could see a vital refurbish soon. According to an executive from HMD Global, all 3 phones will get Android Oreo by a finish of a year. HMD is a association that produces Nokia smartphones, and a General Manager for Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia, Mark Trundie, let it trip during an talk that a phones would see a refurbish before a round drops.

There competence be some-more good news. The Nokia 8‘s Android Oreo refurbish competence be only around a corner, too. We recently told we that HMD was testing a update and it would be expelled when it was “perfect”. Well, it competence be impending perfection. According to a news from  Vtechgraphy, an HMD Manager told those in assemblage during a launch celebration for a Nokia 8 in Taiwan that a Oreo refurbish would start during a finish of Oct during a earliest. The Nokia 8 isn’t even out in some vast markets yet, so word of a vital module refurbish right around a dilemma is welcomed news.

Nokia inclination run a batch chronicle of Android, most like Motorola devices. This gives it a top palm opposite competitors like Samsung and LG given it won’t take it as prolonged (in theory) to refurbish a phones. That could be a vital offered indicate as HMD attempted to make Nokia into a powerhouse it once was.


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Running batch Android is also expected what’s giving extended life to Nokia’s some-more budget-friendly devices. The 3, 5, and 6 are all labelled really competitively during a low finish of a spectrum. Normally, companies don’t pull many module updates to inclination like these. Profit margins are already slim and putting man-hours into building module updates costs money. The fact that a Nokia 3 is labelled during $140 and is now saying its second OS update in a year is impressive.

If HMD keeps it adult with a inexpensive inclination with batch Android and discerning updates, it only might make us forget about a Nexus program.

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