The Nokia 6.1 Plus losing a nick stealing underline was NOT since of a Android One program

After a Aug confidence refurbish rolled out for a Nokia 6.1 Plus, users beheld that a useful underline was removed: a ability to censor a notch. HMD Global has betrothed to move behind a underline in an update, though a reason given for a dismissal of a underline spurred many users on Reddit and several news outlets to assume that a nick stealing underline was private due to violating discipline in a Android One program. This is untrue, however. First, let’s summation a events as we know them.

Nokia 6.1 Plus and a Notch Hiding feature

The Nokia 6.1 Plus, like many smartphones these days, has a arrangement nick that binds a standing bar and allows app calm to be extended into a nick area. To damp users who don’t like saying app calm extend into a nick area, many device makers supplement a nick stealing underline that army a nick area to be darkened. For example, here’s a nick stealing underline on my OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 Notch HidingOnePlus 6 Notch HidingBefore a August confidence patch update, a Nokia 6.1 Plus also had a nick stealing feature. However, it was private in a refurbish with no explanation. Users fast took to a central support forum to complain, and in a now-deleted post (archive via AndroidAuthority), a judge pronounced that HMD Global private a underline “as per Google requirement.” Users took this reason and began to speculate that a nick stealing underline was private due to violating a discipline of a Android One program.

As a reminder, a Android One program was announced behind in 2014 as a approach for users in rising markets to knowledge batch Android though carrying to spend a lot of money. Android One smartphones are now accessible from many opposite smartphone manufacturers in many opposite countries, and HMD Global has been one of a program’s biggest supporters. By similar to launch a smartphone underneath a Android One program, a device builder agrees to do a following:

  • Release monthly confidence patch updates for 3 years.
  • Release Android OS updates for dual years.
  • Ship a device with a batch Android interface and support for Google services.

Thus, inclination like a Motorola One, LG G7 One, and Nokia 6.1 Plus boat with module that’s tighten to what you’ll find on a Google Pixel. Because there isn’t a nick stealing underline in batch Android and a support forum post pronounced a nick stealing underline was private due to a Google requirement, many users insincere that a underline wasn’t authorised for Android One smartphones. Those concerns should have been dispelled when Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer during HMD Global, announced that a Nokia 6.1 Plus will accept a nick stealing underline in a destiny update. However, there are still plenty of users who trust a Android One module is during fault.

We reached out to Google to see if they could offer a matter on a situation. While Google was incompetent to offer a criticism on what accurately happened with a Nokia 6.1 Plus, a Google orator reliable to us that a Android One module does NOT forestall device makers from adding a nick stealing feature. Furthermore, there is NO Google requirement that prevents device makers from adding such a feature. There are cases where Google might ask device makers to adjust a doing of their module features, however. This might occur if a underline interferes with focus compatibility, causing an app to not work as a developer intended. All such cases are lonesome underneath Google’s Android harmony requirements, that has no discuss of a nick stealing feature.

It’s misleading because a underline was private from a Nokia 6.1 Plus. HMD Global hasn’t offering an reason after a post was deleted from a support forum and Google declined to criticism on this sold case, though during slightest we know there’s no dark requirement in a Android One module that bars device makers from adding a nick stealing feature.

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