The Pixel 2 XL has another shade issue: nonchalant edges

Here’s a video of a experiment:

According to Android Police, this happens since a device’s random hold insurance underline is only bit too effective. The good news is that it’s a program issue, and Google is already operative on a fix. Orrin, a Pixel 2XL Community manager, posted on a thread to surprise people that a Pixel group is already questioning and addressing a problem in an arriving over-the-air update.

In an bid to preempt identical complaints about bluish or greenish coloured screens and burn-ins, Apple recently updated a support page to explain that those are ideally normal for OLED displays like a iPhone X’s and Pixel 2 XL’s. Nevertheless, iPhone X’s shade seems to come with a possess set of issues. Some of them have a nasty immature line going down their edges, while others stop responding to touches in cold temperatures.

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