The Pyua is a correct approach to bless and play classical Nintendo games

We’re large fans of Swedish engineer Love Hultén, whose many retro creations have confused a line between tool and art piece. His latest, a Pyua, is both a reverence to Nintendo and console concordant with classical NES and Famicom cartridges. Hultén says a Pyua functions, ”without submit loiter or plunge to a strange games.”

The Pyua can outlay adult to 1080p around an HDMI wire and comes with dual tradition wireless NES controllers, built by a sentimental folks during 8BitDo.

Image credit: Love Hultén

If you’re propitious adequate to have a Pyua — Hultén spasmodic creates his creations accessible for elect — you’ll have a arrangement box that doubles as a console for your classical Nintendo games, and wireless controllers, and a preference of outputting to 1080p HD. But, where do we keep all those changed cartridges? In a tradition wooden carrying box that binds adult to 20 games, done by Hultén himself.

It’s not a initial time we’ve seen a complicated take on retro gaming from Hultén. The OriginX was another one of Hultén’s creations, a custom-made walnut arcade cupboard that was labelled during a whopping $3,416.52 and singular to usually 50 units.

Here’s a brief shave where we can watch Hultén’s Pyua in action; many expected it’s a usually approach you’ll be means to see it.

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