The Razer Phone adds mural mode


The dual-cameras on a Razer Phone are about to get better.

Josh Miller/CNET

Buy a Razer Phone for a gaming prowess, hang around for a photography skills?

Razer is pulling out a May refurbish for a Razer Phone, and with it comes a mint mural mode camera feature, as reported by XDA Developers.

Portrait Mode — a camera outcome that blurs a credentials of photos to pull concentration to your theme — has been a renouned underline in phones ever given a appearance of dual-camera phones. We’ve seen copiousness of phone makers (like Apple, for instance) publicize Portrait Mode as a offered indicate for their devices, so it’s a small opposite to see Razer sensitively supplement a underline in an refurbish several months later. While we favourite a Razer Phone’s telephoto lens in our strange review, a mural mode gives that lens an additional purpose. 

This isn’t a usually time Razer has retroactively combined features. The phone also quietly combined HDR and Dolby 5.1 support for Netflix after a release, that has us wondering what else a Razer Phone might have in store. 

Essential retroactively combined a mural mode to a phone as well, though we found a Razer Phone took rather improved photos than a Essential overall.


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