The Razer Phone Is So Much Smoother Than The iPhone X

Ben Sin

The Razer Phone.

It’s an exciting, and rather absurd, time to cover smartphones right now. we contend absurd given there is literally a new phone out any week or two. Last year we got my hands on 22 phones … this year, a series has some-more than doubled.

But notwithstanding a selling being so over-saturated, I’m still vehement by a scene. Maybe it’s a phone geek in me vocalization — even before we lonesome consumer tech for a living, we would buy 3 or 4 flagship phones a year — yet I’d like to consider it’s given companies are actively operative tough to innovate and compute from one another. In fact, I’m peaceful to disagree that given a smartphone attention is so crowded, that has pushed everybody to move their A-game. There is no relief like we competence find in other industries. Everyone has to mount out.

This week we got to exam a new phone from Razer, a Singaporean gaming hardware association that is outrageous in a PC gaming world. Naturally, a device — simply named a Razer Phone — is done for gaming. While that thought is not new (remember a hideous Nokia N-Gage?), a Razer Phone comes during a time when smartphone production has matured, and this device is scarcely gloss for a first-time device from a association venturing into uncharted waters.

The Razer Phone stands out in twin ways over other smartphones on a market. These improvements were done to safeguard improved gaming performance, yet they indeed make bland smartphone use some-more enjoyable. They are…

1. 120Hz Display

In new years, handset makers have focused on cramming as most pixels into a arrangement as possible. LG, that has proven to be a trendsetter in a mobile world, started a pull into Quad HD (2k) fortitude in 2014, and Sony recently gave a flagship device a 4K display.

Ben Sin

The 5.7-inch arrangement refreshes during 120Hz.

Ben Sin

The phone has a unequivocally blocky feel.

To be honest, we find a shade fortitude arms competition overkill. For a comparatively tiny shade of underneath 6-inches, we don’t consider a normal tellurian can tell a disproportion between a “normal” 1,920 x 1,080 (aka 1080p) fortitude arrangement and a Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) panel, let alone 4K.

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Instead of a crazy fortitude strike — yet a 5.7-inch arrangement here is 2K — Razer went with a higher modernise rate of 120Hz instead. If you’re unfamiliar, a modernise rate is how mostly a display changes a frames/image in a second. Almost all smartphones modernise during 60Hz (effectively 60 frames-per-second).

The Razer Phone effectively moves during double speed … and it’s one of those things that once we see it, we can’t unsee it. If you’ve never used a 120Hz display, 60Hz is some-more than sufficient. But once you’ve seen a 120Hz arrangement in movement — scrolling and hold submit feels instantaneous — going behind to a 60Hz formula will have we seeing a comparatively miss of fluidity. It’s value mentioning that a iPhone X indeed has 120Hz touch representation rate, that means it can conflict to your hold faster, yet it doesn’t urge scrolling and pinching and ubiquitous animation a approach a Razer’s always-on 120Hz rate does. 

The 120Hz modernise rate is to support to gamers, to whom even a fragment of a second of submit loiter can meant a disproportion between life and genocide (in a game… we hope). But even outward of gaming, only scrolling webpages on Chrome or bringing down a presentation row brings a smoother animation than all I’ve seen. Heck, even unlocking a phone is a joy, as Razer Phone has this animation in that a lockscreen snap open.  

Don’t only take my word for it — here’s a slo-mo video of me scrolling by webpages on a Razer Phone, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Notice that when compared to a Razer Phone, a animation on a iPhone X and Note 8 are noticeably choppy. Because we shot a video in 60fps, it indeed doesn’t do a disproportion justice. 120Hz modernise rate is too quick for videos to constraint — you’ll have to try it out yourself and see a difference.

This double-speed refresh rate is a game-changer, and we unequivocally wish 2018 flagships exercise this. We don’t need absurd 4K fortitude or 5 cameras on a behind of a phone … we wish some-more fluidity when swiping by a phone. Now, onto a second thing a Razer Phone does improved than everybody else…

2. The best speakers in a mobile phone ever

You competence have beheld that a Razer Phone has flattering vast tip and bottom bezels. This is something I’d customarily impugn a phone for, yet on a Razer, it’s value it, given a bezels residence vast twin stereo speakers, any one exclusively amplified, and fine-tuned by Dolby Atmos.

Ben Sin

That orator grill.

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I’ll only be blunt: this is a best orator set-up on any smartphone ever. Other reviewers all seem to agree: this is a phone that you’re improved off not regulating headphones/earphones (which competence explain because a Razer Phone lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack).

There are some shortcomings here, that is not surprising for a first-gen device from a association with no prior story of creation such a device. The display, notwithstanding that overwhelming modernise rate and resolution, doesn’t get scarcely splendid adequate by 2017 flagship standards, and a camera is only okay, mostly pang from miss of contrariety (though Razer’s people tell me that’s a program problem and it’s going to pull an refurbish repair too).

Gaming opening is excellent, of course. Though ironically, we don’t notice a higher fluidity when gaming a approach we do when only browsing by Instagram and swiping by apps. Other specs embody a Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of inner storage. There is no other various with some-more storage, yet Razer says gamers know how to use SD cards.

Overall, a Razer Phone is a unequivocally considerable square of hardware. Other than a low display, it is an comprehensive stunner to demeanour at. It’s been some-more than a day given I’ve had a phone on me and we still find myself only swiping a presentation tray adult and down and admiring a animation. we go behind to my iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 and immediately we notice they’re not as fluid.


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