The Razer Phone slashed to $400


The Razer Phone excels during gaming, though a high-refresh-rate shade and extraordinary speakers make it good for all demeanour of entertainment.

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Mobile phones are all screen, so it creates clarity to get a best damn shade income can buy. Right now, that shade can be found on a Razer Phone.

Yep, turns out Apple and Samsung aren’t a usually diversion in town. The Razer Phone debuted final Dec to purgation regard over a 120Hz, 5.7-inch shade — to contend zero of a fantastic speakers and game-friendly extras.

Less exciting: a $700 cost tag. But for a singular time, we can get a unlocked Razer Phone for $400 shipped with promo formula WOOHOO. (Which, incidentally, is a sound we make when a reward phone’s cost gets slashed roughly in half.)

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This is a good mark to discuss that a Razer Phone 2 is in a works, though it’s anybody’s theory when it’ll arrive. No doubt this cost cut is Razer’s try to transparent out register on what was a “limited run” production.

Who cares? Right now we have to weigh a product formed on a $400 cost tag, and that starts with Sean Hollister’s Razer Phone review. His verdict: It might good spoil other phones for you.

That’s given a 120Hz shade is so fluid, so responsive, it’s “hard to go back” to models using during a some-more common 60Hz modernise rate. Hollister was also blown divided by a Razer’s stereo speakers, that sound “better than about 90 percent of the laptops I’ve used.”

Take note, however, that a phone lacks a headphone jack and offers usually a so-so camera and normal battery life. Plus, it’s a GSM-only device, definition you’re singular to ATT, T-Mobile and their practical operators (such as Cricket and MetroPCS). 

But if you’re severely into gaming, or wish a phone with speakers that indeed sound good, a Razer is a must-consider during $400.


Parrot’s Zik 3 headphones underline patterned leather, hold controls and most more.

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Bonus deal: Speaking of outrageous cost cuts, Parrot’s Zik 3 wireless noise-canceling headphones were $400 when they debuted behind in 2016.

Today, and while reserve last, UntilGone (formerly Yugster) has a Parrot Zik 3 for $120 shipped. They now list for $300, and a best cost I’ve seen elsewhere is $140. Update: This was listed as “Condition: New” when we wrote about a deal, though a product page has given altered to prove “refurbished.” we trust this was a elementary blunder on a vendor’s part, though it’s really frustrating all a same.

See it during UntilGone

Available in your choice of colors, a Zik is a severely feature-packed headphone. Active sound cancellation. Touch controls. Replaceable battery. Even support for Qi wireless charging!

Read David Carnoy’s Zik 3.0 review to learn more. His verdict: “One of a best” wireless headphones. And that was formed on a aforementioned $400 cost tag. At $120… well. Just, wow.


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