The S8 Lite appears to be Samsung’s response to a negligence flagship market

It looks like Samsung competence be looking to accelerate a smartphone lineup with a revised chronicle of final year’s Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung used partial of a financial news for a initial entertain of 2018 to advise investors that there’s a smartphone market slump on a setting — warnings that seem to have been proven scold by a noted decline in tellurian sales of smartphones. With Samsung’s apparent clarity on a subject, it doesn’t seem startling that the company is perplexing something new to brew adult a offerings and try to reinforce a position as one of a smartphone marketplace leaders. Here’s all we know about a bill Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite.


It seems that Samsung had a whole lot of Galaxy S8 tools left over, since leaked press renders of a due Galaxy S8 Lite demeanour roughly accurately a same as a customary S8.

So if you’re a fan of a Galaxy S8’s design, though not a cost tag, afterwards there will be a lot to adore here. There’s a Bixby key, a beautiful Infinity Display, and a fingerprint sensor (unfortunately) to a side of a singular camera lens. It seems that a phone will also be entrance in dual colors — red and black.

The recycling of a S8’s pattern isn’t a terrible choice by any means — Samsung carried many of a same pattern choices for this year’s Galaxy S9 — though it’s still a tad unsatisfactory to see a lapse of a fingerprint sensor to a side of a camera lens. It’s usually too easy to skip and incidentally daub a lens instead, heading to smeared photos. Still, a good case helps to keep that during bay, and we do grow used to it.


The arrangement will be a 5.8-inch Infinity Display, as mentioned, and will presumably still be an AMOLED shade in sequence to grasp a Galaxy series’ distinguished curve. There have been some cutbacks done to a screen’s fortitude however, with a S8 Lite usually being means to arrangement adult to 2220 x 1080 — though that’s still pointy adequate for many people.

The heart rate sensor from a Galaxy S8 (formerly on a conflicting side of a camera lens, underneath a flash) has also disappeared, though is a solitary earthy misadventure of a dump to a reduce cost range. At this time we’re not certain about a materials used in a build, so we can’t contend for certain either a potion and steel build of a S8 or its waterproofing will make their approach to a S8 Lite. If these leaks are correct, afterwards a S8 Lite could be a clever contender in a midrange market.


While rumors about a pattern of a S8 Lite leave a outward of a phone comparatively unchanged, a whispers about a internals indicate to some-more extreme changes from a strange S8.

While rumors say that a S8 Lite will be make-up a same 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage space from a customary S8, a executive estimate section will be changing from a Snapdragon 835 to a Snapdragon 660. That’s not expected to be as thespian a dump in opening as a numbers competence advise — a Nokia 7 Plus uses a Snapdragon 660, and we found a opening on that poignant enough. While you’re not going to get a same turn of speed as we would with a Snapdragon 835, we expect that a Snapdragon 660 should perform superbly — and yield some additional battery life interjection to a energy efficiency.

Speaking of a battery, those same rumors contend a S8 Lite will come with a 3,000mAh battery — a same as a customary S8. With so most staying a same, these whispers do seem likely.


At this time, most leaks point at a S8 Lite entrance with a 16MP camera mounted on a back — that competence good be an upgrade from a Galaxy S8’s 12MP camera. While good on launch, a S8’s camera has solemnly been outclassed by after smartphone releases, and while a S8’s camera can still reason adult really well, there are really cameras that do it improved now. The S8 Lite could be Samsung’s possibility to send out a somewhat updated chronicle of that camera tech. There has been no acknowledgment nonetheless that a S8 Lite will embody a dual-sensor tech that allows singular camera setups to perform “bokeh” resourceful fuzz trickery.

We always suffer contrast Samsung’s camera tech, and we demeanour brazen to giving a S8 Lite’s camera a spin.


There is no plain information on either this phone will launch in a U.S. — Samsung hasn’t even tehcnically certified it exists nonetheless — though leaks indicate to a phone being expelled in China on May 21. Pricing is another fussy area — though with a Galaxy S8 carrying seen significant cost cuts that take it down to $600, it’s not during all astray to assume that a Galaxy S8 Lite would be labelled during $500 or below.

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