The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a take during $380



Cheap things come to those who wait. You know that Galaxy S9 Plus you’ve been lusting after, for example? It’s around $840 right now, yet give it a year or so and we competence be means to measure one for half that.

Here’s proof: For a singular time, and while reserve last, Woot has a certified-refurbished factory-unlocked Galaxy S8 Plus for $380. When it arrived in mid-2017, it sole for $850.

See it during Woot

Yep, it’s a refurb with usually a 90-day warranty, so it’s a small treasonable to review it to a new one. Woot also doesn’t mention who did a “certifying” in this case. Still, an $850 flagship phone for $380, and it’s not a scratch-and-dent C-grade question-mark? I’m listening.

I’m an iPhone man myself — yes, we know, frequency a phone for a cheapskate, yet it’s only what we prefer, we know? So we can’t unequivocally criticism on what it’s like to use a S8 Plus. But Jessica Dolcourt can, and does, in her S8 Plus review.

I will contend we don’t consider a ungainly plcae of a fingerprint reader is that big a deal, since we can adjust to only about anything. The final time we bought a new laptop, a undo pivotal was in a “wrong” place, relations to what we was used to — yet after a integrate days we got used to it. we feel like a fingerprint reader would be a same… yet that’s quite speculative. 

Anyway, this is a large phone with a 6.2-inch shade and it’s unbarred to work with flattering most any carrier. That’s what we adore about shopping a phone undisguised instead of leasing it and removing sealed into a contract: we can take it to a conduit charity a best understanding for my needs and we can switch anytime.

At this writing, Woot has a S8 Plus in all 3 of a tone options: Arctic Silver, Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. 

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Game time! To applaud a 10-year anniversary, GOG is giving divided copies of Shadow Warrior 2 (PC). Same diversion during Steam: $40.

See it during GOG

Correction: GOG is trying to give divided copies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this graduation is melting a internet (or during slightest melting GOG’s servers) as we haven’t had most fitness removing past a home page. My delayed in-flight Wi-Fi might be contributing to that, though.

My advice: Keep trying. Shadow Warrior 2 is a gory, descent and humorous first-person hack-and-slasher. It’s not for everyone, yet overwhelming if we like that kind of thing.

Bonus understanding No. 2: Custom edition is kind of awesome. You can repository vacation photos in a poetic hardcover, self-publish your possess cookbook, even furnish a repository you’ve always dreamed of. Blurb is one association that creates such things possible, and for a singular time, we can save 30 percent on any Blurb sequence and bag giveaway shipping.

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