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Turns out that Google Drive is a whole lot reduction buttoned adult than we competence have thought. 

The file-sharing use typically compared with spreadsheets and bureau life has a unwashed small secret, and it’s one that a Mountain View overlords competence not be so stoked on. Namely, a use is a breakwater for bootleg file-sharing. 

While those looking to score, say, pirated Game of Thrones episodes competence initial spin to big-name torrenting sites like The Pirate Bay, copyright scofflaws in a know are apparently holding advantage of a inexhaustible giveaway 15GB of storage offering by Google Drive to horde and share copies of renouned cinema and radio shows. 

It’s business in a front, bootleg file-sharing in a back.

According to Gadgets360, that reviewed a horde of DMCA takedown requests, copyright holders filed roughly 5,000 requests in Aug for Google to lift element from Drive — compared to approximately 100 requests for file-hosting site MEGA and reduction than 12 requests for Dropbox. 

The offending products reportedly embody both your customary video files as good as a singular turn on a record pity MO: Instead of uploading whole cinema or shows to Drive itself, people are dropping in scores of unlisted YouTube links. 

Essentially, a thought is that unlisted links are reduction expected to be speckled by programmed systems crawling for this arrange of thing and are therefore reduction expected to be pulled. Putting a collection of those links in one Drive and pity it over amicable media is like flitting around a tip phonebook containing a listings for all your favorite pirated content. 

No need to conduct into these waters  Google Drive competence only offer a safer harbor.

No need to conduct into these waters — Google Drive competence only offer a safer harbor.

Image: a bandit bay

In some sense, this is a lapse to form for digital scallawags who once relied on (now defunct) file-hosting sites like Megaupload and YouSendIt to share song and video. While it’s loyal that a recognition and palliate of torrenting files — a competing process of robbery — competence have kept a infrequent bandit divided from current versions of those sites, with swell hubs like The Pirate Bay perpetually in a crosshairs of authorities it creates clarity that people are looking to other methods. 

Google Drive only so happens to be only a latest chronicle of this: All a fun of MEGA with a veneer of legitimacy offering by Google. It’s business in a front, bootleg file-sharing in a back. 

What does Google consider about this? We reached out to a association for comment, and a orator positive us they take a matter seriously. 

“Google Drive has a accumulation of robbery counter-measures in place,” a orator explained around email, “and we are invariably operative to urge a protections to forestall robbery opposite all of a products.”

And yeah, it’s protected to assume top government isn’t stoked about this development. After all, no association wants a services used to mangle a law — during slightest not in a approach that doesn’t advantage it financially. 

But pirates gonna pirate, and it appears they have detected a new home in Google Drive. Time will tell how welcoming they find it. 

The story has been updated with a criticism from Google.

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