The misfortune of intentions: Silly HomePod survey

Welcome to another part of Apple Products Cost Too Much! The usually record diversion uncover that’s been using invariably given Apple was founded in 1976.

Writing for a poetic people and, yes, several appalling were-beasts over during Business Insider, Peter Newman explains “Why Apple’s new HomePod won’t be an Echo killer.” (Tip o’ a antlers to @JonyIveParody.)

Is it since it starts during like $300 some-more than a Echo does? Congratulations, we have rediscovered a cost agility of demand. Not that it was mislaid or anything.

Apple’s usually ever ruled a few markets and many of them usually temporarily. It dominated a digital song actor marketplace for years until it was subsumed by a smartphone market. For a while it sole some-more tablets than anyone else and now it sells some-more smartwatches, though many of a time it’s really happy to take usually a high finish and leave a rest for Crappy McCrapman’s Colossal Crapfactorium.

Apple finally jumped into a intelligent orator market…

Hashbrown finally.

…but it hasn’t desirous a passion that we’ve come to design from a iPhone-maker’s new releases, according to disdainful consult information from BI Intelligence.


Business Insider did a “back-of-the-envelope estimate” (their words) that they contend suggests Apple will sell 5.2 million HomePods and Amazon 9 million Echo Shows. The Macalope imagines that decimal indicate is super accurate and intensely value that turn of precision.

“I gamble they’ll sell twice as many Echo Shows.”